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short answer questions 1. Managers can be classified using

Customer Question

short answer questions
1. Managers can be classified using two classification schemes. Discuss these two classification schemes and how they are interrelated. (Points: 10)

2. (TCO2) Describe how on-demand movies on cable are a threat of substitute product to Blockbuster. (Points: 10

3. (TCO3) Discuss how the Sarbanes-Oxley Act promotes ethical leadership within organizations. (Points: 10)

4. (TCO4) An organization that is diverse can gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Discuss at least three ways diversity can lead to a competitive advantage for an organization. (Points: 10)

5. (TCO5) As a manager, how would you overcome the barriers to effective goal setting? (Points: 10)

6. (TCO6) A new business can be started either from scratch or by buying an existing business. Which method seems best to you? Explain your answer. (Points: 10)

7. TCO7) Briefly discuss two of the reasons for individual resistance to change and give a workplace example of each. (Points: 10)

8. (TCO8) Describe the two perceptual processes, and explain how they affect behavior in organizations. (Points: 10)

9. (TCO9) List the individual barriers to communication. Discuss how can you overcome these barriers? (Points: 10)

10. (TCO10) Would you rather work in a company with bureaucratic or decentralized control? Why? (Points: 10)
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework