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EXAMINATION NUMBER 05054800 1. What is the most stable

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1. What is the most stable measure of socioeconomic status?
A. Occupational prestige C. Honor
B. Income D. Lifestyle
2. A study at a sleep-away camp found that high-ranking boys
attained power and popularity primarily through
A. intelligence. C. athletic prowess.
B. attractiveness. D. social class.
3. World-system theory argues that the world economic system
is dominated by
A. capitalism.
B. socialism.
C. the proletariat.
D. the petit bourgeoisie.
4. In the distribution of scarce resources, caste systems rely on _______ statuses and
class systems depend on _______ statuses.
A. achieved; ascribed C. educational; employment
B. employment; educational D. ascribed; achieved
5. A/an _______ group is one that’s culturally, economically, and politically subordinate.
A. majority C. minority
B. ethnic D. racial
6. Which of the following statements is true about inequality in the distribution of
household income in the United States?
A. It has declined in recent decades.
B. It has increased in recent decades.
C. It hasn’t changed at all in the last 50 years.
D. It’s present now, but it wasn’t present in the early years of our history.
7. According to structural-functional theory, stratification is necessary because
A. otherwise, people might never do any work.
B. otherwise, some tasks essential to society’s survival might not be performed.
C. it’s the stimulus for productive social change.
D. it provides individuals with a sense of belonging and social integration.
8. Which of the following is not a cultural characteristic that distinguishes ethnic groups?
A. Language C. National identification
B. Religion D. Race
9. Children develop strong gender stereotypes because
A. there’s little interaction between children and their parents of the opposite sex.
B. they aren’t aware of biological differences between males and females.
C. they see the world as highly divided by sex.
D. they don’t like gender-neutral toys.
10. The dimension of social class having to do with the ability to overcome resistance and
get others to act against their wishes is called
A. status. C. class.
B. power. D. authority.
11. Which of the following statements is true of the Title IX law?
A. It applies only to athletics.
B. It was the product of radical feminist efforts.
C. It has led to a dramatic decline in women’s educational attainment, as they’re now
just as likely as men to believe that they’ll have an opportunity to earn a living as a
professional athlete.
D. It prohibits sex discrimination in any educational institution or activity that receives
federal funding.
12. The American Dream is an ideology that justifies inequality by asserting that
A. inequality is necessary to maintain society.
B. people are unequal in natural talent and ability.
C. achievement is possible and we each get what we earn.
D. the United States is a rich country and we’re all better off than people in poor
13. Which of the following statements is true of premarital sex?
A. It has always occurred.
B. It’s less frequent today, but is more accepted by society.
C. It has declined dramatically since the advent of AIDS.
D. It has always occurred but is increasingly less accepted by society.
14. An irrational negative attitude held about a category of people is known as
A. prejudice. C. discrimination.
B. authoritarianism. D. scapegoating.
15. Which of the following appears to be universally true across nearly all cultures?
A. Violence against women isn’t tolerated.
B. Women prefer monogamy.
C. Female children are more valued than male children.
D. Women have less power than men.
16. The notion of a culture of poverty suggests that
A. Poor people don’t actually have a culture.
B. People who grow up in poverty have no exposure to middle-class values.
C. Poverty drives people to abandon middle-class values in favor of living for the
D. American cultural values emphasize the importance of poverty as an incentive to
17. The theoretical position that asserts that inequality is often the result of force, fraud,
and trickery comes from
A. structural-functional theory. C. Max Weber.
B. conflict theory. D. Emile Durkheim.
18. The gist of the segmented labor market is that your income is determined by
A. how much education you have.
B. the color of your hair.
C. where you work as well as what you do.
D. your marital and parental status.
19. According to your text, which of the following has encouraged discrimination against
Arab Americans?
A. The Patriot Act C. The Gallup poll
B. The Civil Rights Act D. The Catholic church
20. According to Marx, one’s relationship to the means of production is known as
A. class. C. social mobility.
B. status. D. employment.

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