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11. The veterinarian orders 1.5 L of LRS to be administered

Resolved Question:

11. The veterinarian orders 1.5 L of LRS to be administered to your patient over the next 12 hours. What is the rate of flow if the IV tubing delivers 20 gtt/mL?
A. 42 gtt/min B. 2.5 gtt/min C. 4.2 gtt/min D. 25 gtt/min

12. A solution contains 65 mg/mL of sodium pentobarbital. What volume of this drug would be appropriate to administer to a 400-gram laboratory rat at a dose of 30 mg/kg?
A. 180 mL B. 1.8 mL C. 0.18 mL D. 18 mL

13. A 10-pound cat needs 3 1/2 tablets that each contain 6 mg of a drug. What is the equivalent dose in mg/kg?
A. 2.3 mg/kg B. 9.2 mg/kg C. 4.6 mg/kg D. 1.2 mg/kg

14. A doctor needs to administer 2 mL of a 100 mg/mL solution to a 200-pound patient. However, the doctor has the solution available only in 20 mg/mL strength. What volume of the 20 mg/mL solution would be needed to administer the desired dose?
A. 40 mL B. 30 mL C. 10 mL D. 20 mL

15. Your patient requires atropine 0.4 mg Sub-Q STAT. Atropine is available as 400 mcg/mL. How much atropine would you administer?
A. 1 mL B. 0.01 mL C. 10 mL D. 0.1 mL

16. You're asked to add 15 mEq of potassium chloride to 1,000 mL of NaCl. Potassium chloride is available as 20 mEq/10 mL. What is the correct dosage?
A. 2.5 mL B. 0.75 mL C. 0.25 mL D. 7.5 mL

17. A patient needs to receive 1 teaspoon of a medication per day for one week. How many milliliters of the medication must be dispensed in total?
A. 35 mL B. 70 mL C. 7 mL D. 105 mL

18. The recommended dose of a particular drug is 0.1 g/kg. How many mg of the drug should be given to a 50-pound patient?
A. 5 mg B. 22.72 mg C. 0.5 mg D. 2,272 mg

19. A patient needs atropine 0.2 mg IM STAT. It's available in 0.4 mg/mL. What is the correct dosage for this patient?
A. 5 mL B. 0.1 mL C. 0.5 mL D. 1 mL

20. A medication order calls for 2 tablets q.i.d. the first day, 1 tablet b.i.d. the second and third days, and 1 tablet q.d. thereafter for a total of 2 weeks. How many tablets must be dispensed in total?
A. 17 tablets B. 19 tablets C. 21 tablets D. 23 tablets
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Cher replied 6 years ago.
Hi again,

Just wanted to let you know I received your request and am working on your questions.

Is there a deadline by when you need these?


Edited by Cher on 2/16/2011 at 7:17 PM EST
Expert:  Cher replied 6 years ago.

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