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3- Respondeat superior means a employees have to obey unlawful

Resolved Question:

3- Respondeat superior means ?
a employees have to obey unlawful orders from their employers
b employers can legally give unlawful orders to their employees
c employees are vicariously liable for their employers negligence
d employers are vicariously liable for thier employees negligence

4- Attorneys often take malpractice cases on a contigency fee arrangement, which mean thier fees
a are contingent onthe clients satisfaction
b can be renegotiated after the case is over .
c are a percentage of the recovery
d can be increased when judgment is made

5 -Dr lawson wants to hire a new medical assistant , she places a advertisment in the local newspaper that says "No asians need apply " this is an example of

a a bona fide occupational requirement
b overt discrimination
c disparate treatment discrimination
d disparate impact discrimination

6 - What type of witness is allowed to give opinions during testimony?
a A witness for the plaintiff
b A dishonest witness
c An expert witness
d A witness for the defendant

7 - A medical record is owned by the
a patinet
b stte
c insurance company
d doctor

8 - Emancipated minors are minors who
a have recently reached the age of majority
b are released from the control of their parents
c are mature enough to make adult decisions
d can require their parents to pay for necessaries.

9 - When an agency occurs, an agent is authorized to act for another party, which is called
a state
b principal
c patient
d minor

10 Which of the following is a source of law?
a Procedural manuals
b Medical records
c Mutual assent
d Court decisions

11 Which of the following statements about defensive medicine is true?
a It's the result of fewer malpractice claims
b It's motivated by the needs of the patient
c It can mean excessive medical tests
d Insurance companies encourage it.

12 What act requires that employers keep records of workplace injuries?
a Occupational Safety and Health Act
b Americans with Disabilities Act
c Employee Retirement Income Security Act
d False Claims Act

13 While a patient is having surgery, hsi doctore notices a small mole. The doctor doesn't think the mole is anything to worry about, but he decides to remove it to perform a biopsy. What is the doctore guilty of?
a Insurance Fraud
b Battery
c Premises Liability
d Abandonment

14 Someone who doesn't have permission to enter a property is called a/an
a licensee
b contractor
c trespasser
d invitee

15 Mens rea is Latin for
a the thing speaks for itself
b let the master answer
c the guilty act
d the guilty mind

16 Dennis, a new medical assistant at Dr Hernanadez's office, notices that Beth has been waiting over an hour to get an allergy shot. Dennis has never given a shot before, but he decides to give Beth her shot to help Dr. Hernanders. Dennis accicentally gives Beth the wrong shot, however, and she has a severe allergic reaction. Who is liable for the damages caused to Beth?
a Dennis
b Dr Hernandez
c Dennis and Beth
d Dennis and Dr Hernandez

17 The time periodsduring which a lawsuit must be brought are called
a Good Samaritan statutes
b scope of employment
c assumption of risk
d statutes of limitations

18 A TV commercial guarantees that a pill , if taken correctly, will prevent hair loss. A consumer takes the pill, but he still loses his hair. For what can he sue the makers of the pill?
a Assumption of risk
b Premises liability
c Proximate cause
d Breach of warranty

19 The jusry assigns percentages of fault to the health care personnel and to the patient under
a contributory negligence
b assumption of risk
c vicarious liability
d comparative negligence

20 Res ipsa loquitur means that the burden of proof
a shifts to the defendant
b exceeds reasonable doubt
c falls on the plntiff
d proves the negligence
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