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1) LBJ won a landslide election in 1964 only to become so unpopular by 1968 that he decided not to run again. Answer: True False <br />2) To this day, a mystery surrounds much of the detail and analysis of the Kennedy assassination. Answer: True False<br /> 3) The decade of the 1960s was one of great progress in civil rights but also one of great violence and trauma. Answer: True False <br /> 4) Which of the following best characterized LBJ's last two years in office? Answer: A) an end to poverty B) victory in Vietnam C) growing support among young voters, especially those of draft age (19 to 25) D) civil unrest and violence across America <br /> 5) JFK won the election in 1960 because he: Answer: A) was rich B) was handsome C) had a charming, beautiful wife D) held his own or defeated his opponent in televised debates E) probably all of the above<br /> 6) Which of the following was NOT a part of LynXXXXX XXXXX's Great Society/War on Poverty programs? Answer: A) civil rights legislation for blacks B) job-training programs for disadvantaged youth C) escalation of the war in Vietnam D) assistance for poor areas in the United States E) medical care for elderly Americans F) a preschool program for young children <br /> 7) The Democratic Party presidential convention in Chicago in the summer of 1968 could best be described as: Answer: A) a stepping stone for the victory of their nominee, Hubert Humphrey B) the reason LBJ stepped out as a presidential candidate C) a proud moment in the long history of the city of Chicago D) an event that sparked an unruly protest by anti-war groups that prompted a violent police response<br /> 8) Which national leader was NOT assassinated in the 1960s? Answer: A) John Kennedy B) Marin Luther King, Jr. C) Cesar Chavez D) Robert Kennedy<br /> 9) LBJ's answer to the war against the communists in Vietnam was to: Answer: A) pull all American troops out B) introduce American ground combat troops to assist the South Vietnamese army C) use nuclear weapons D) increase the number of U.S. military advisors to the South Vietnamese army<br /> 10) Which of the following was a failure during the two and a half years of Kennedy's administration? Answer: A) Cuban Missile Crisis B) Bay of Pigs invasion C) Peace Corps D) progress in the civil rights struggle for blacks

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