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1) Which of the following best describes Woodrow Wilson Answer A)

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1) Which of the following best describes Woodrow Wilson? Answer: A) Extensive political experience before he became President. B) Republican party member. C) Highly moralistic, somewhat stubborn. D) Against progressive political programs. <br />2) The Federal Reserve system was not a very great departure from the banking system already in place. Answer: True False <br /> 3) The Federal Trade Commission (F.T.C.) gave the federal government greater power to regulate corporations then they had previously. Answer: True False <br /> 4) Which of the following nations was not in the Triple Alliance in 1914? Answer: A) Germany B) Italy C) Austria-Hungary D) Russia <br />5) The Triple Entente was eventually blamed for starting World War 1. Answer: True False For 1 Point(s)<br /> 6) Which of the following was not a new weapon introduced in WW1? Answer: A) Airplane B) Poison gas C) Artillery D) An improved machine gun E) Submarine <br />7) Which of the following was not a major reason for the U.S. to enter WW1? Answer: A) Unrestricted submarine warfare by Germany in 1917. B) Sympathy for the death and suffering of the British and French on the Western Front. C) Growing debt for war supplies of Britain and France to the U.S. D) The Zimmerman Note. <br /> 8) The U.S. army played an unimportant role in the war once they joined it. Answer: True False <br />9) Which of the following was not a requirement of Germany as a result of the Versailles Peace Conference? Answer: A) Lose their air force and submarine fleet. B) Pay $34 billon in war damages. C) Lose some of their territory to other nations D) Give America their overseas empire. <br />10) Due to opposition in the U.S. Senate, America never joined the League of Nations. Answer: True False

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