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1. Joel is studying different cultures to learn how theyre

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1. Joel is studying different cultures to learn how they're alike and
how they differ. Joel is involved in
A. cross-cultural analysis.
B. cultural empathy analysis.
C. consumer insight analysis.
D. ethnographics.
2. Which one of the following individuals is a member of the
retail supply chain?
A. Congresswoman Brown, who is working on a new law
protecting consumers from fraud
B. Manuel, who is in the process of buying a new house
C. Carol Talford, who purchases office supplies for her business
D. Jamie Jones, who owns a factory
3. Timothy, a college junior, has been asked to meet with a small group of other students and a moderator to discuss their experiences at the college. Timothy is taking part in a/an
A. interview. C. scam.
B. survey. D. focus group.
4. You've been researching a possible market segment for your company. Through your
research, you've learned that most of the consumers in the segment eat out at least twice a week, take elaborate summer vacations, enjoy going to the movies and concerts, and have like tastes in clothing. This information tells you that this may be a profitable segment because it has
A. accessibility. C. measurability.
B. congruity. D. substantiality.
5. Laurelyn is a market researcher. One of her clients wants to know whether consumers
have changed their opinions about his products over the past 10 years. Which one of the
following methods would Laurelyn most likely recommend to obtain this information?
A. Longitudinal study C. Shadowing
B. Experimentation D. Surveying
6. For a firm “to create a customer,” it must
A. develop a creative advertising program.
B. investigate the pricing strategies of the competition.
C. offer frequent discounts and other incentives.
D. understand what buyers want.
7. In which one of the following countries is mass marketing likely to be most effective?
A. The United States C. Afghanistan
B. Canada D. Japan
8. Designing an ad to appeal to hidden incentives of consumers was the goal of
A. positivism. C. post-modernism.
B. motivation research. D. post-motivation research.
9. The Children First Company realizes that mothers around the world love and protect their children. Therefore, the company uses an international marketing campaign designed to appeal to that desire to protect. What technique is Children First using in their campaign?
A. Intermarket segmentation C. Mass marketing
B. Mass customization D. Market aggregation
10. Which of the following statements about loyal customers of brands is incorrect?
A. They generate greater margins than new customers.
B. They help recruit new customers.
C. They're becoming more common.
D. It's less expensive to hold them than recruit new customers.
11. Sheila owns a small clothing store. She's always talking with her customers about what type of clothing they like and wear most often. Then, when she does the buying for the store, she makes sure she purchases clothing that matches what they're likely to buy. Sheila is most likely using a _______ orientation.
A. wholesaling C. marketing
B. selling D. comprehensive consumer
12. Allen has a discount store. Which one of the following prices is most likely to be appropriate for an item in his store?
A. $5.00 C. $9.00
B. $5.50 D. $9.99
13. Your job is to translate ads from English into Spanish. Then, several other people translate the ads back into English. The purpose of this procedure is to
A. provide a variety of advertising messages.
B. eliminate translation errors.
C. gain insight into the culture behind the second language.
D. avoid using Spanish jargon.
14. Abe often watches how consumers use his products. Then, he uses what he sees to develop innovative ideas for improving his products. The technique Abe is using is called
A. self-study. C. cross-cultural analysis.
B. consumer insight. D. mass customization.
15. The Super Grocery Store gives customers a 10% discount in December if their customer cards have been used every week during the first 11 months of the year. With which of the 7 R's of marketing is this policy concerned?
A. Rate C. Reward
B. Retailing D. Relationship
16. The statement “The only person who can fire us all is the customer” implies that
A. consumers determine which firms survive and which fail.
B. customers can be manipulated into buying goods and services.
C. customers go elsewhere when prices increase.
D. research shows that customers are fickle.
17. Myra always goes to the same beauty shop. She could go somewhere else and get her hair done for less money. However, the higher price is worth it to her because the employees at the beauty shop make her feel that they're glad to see her and she's a valued customer. With which of the 7 R's of marketing is Myra concerned?
A. Reward C. Reliability
B. Resources D. Relationships
18. Margaret is the vice president of finance for a large pharmaceutical company. In her job,
she’s part of a team that decides which new product ideas will be funded for further
research. The team’s work is part of the
A. marketing strategy. C. market segmenting.
B. marketing research. D. market determination.
19. Joe’s refrigerator isn’t working right. He’s thinking about replacing it but wonders how he’ll
get rid of the old refrigerator. Joe’s concern lies in the _______ area of marketing.
A. obtaining C. disposing
B. consuming D. financial
20. Michael decided to buy a particular brand of coffeemaker because it came with a free
supply of coffee. The free coffee is part of the _______ portion of the marketing mix.
A. product C. promotion
B. price D. place

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