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1. Which one of the following represents the most important

Resolved Question:

1. Which one of the following represents the most important element of sonata form? A. Development of themes B. Use of word painting C. Doctrine of affects D. Use of Latin test 2. By the time he/she was 17 years of age, _______ had already written the Octet for Strings, op.20. A. Joseph Haydn B. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart C. Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel D. Felix Mendelssohn 3. When the singers and band repeat a basic section of music while the lead singer improvises on a single motif, the result is called a A. twist. B. vamp. C. hook. D. groove. 4. Which one of the following composers sometimes featured American folk melodies in his compositions? A. Aaron Copland B. Xavier Cugat C. Charlie Parker D. John Coltrane 5. "Erlkönig" is one of the hundreds of songs written by A. Haydn. B. Schubert. C. Chopin. D. Schumann 6. The character of a sound is referred to as its A. texture. B. pitch. C. line. D. timbre. 7. Who wrote The Nutcracker? A. Alexandr Pushkin B. Boris Gudonov C. Felix Mendelssohn D. Piotr Tchaikovsky 8. The Italian word for "prayer hall," which refers to a piece of music that includes recitatives, arias, and choruses, is A. oratorio. B. opera buffa. C. operetta. D. opera. 9. A/an _______ is a work that sets new words to an existing melody. A. appropriation B. scoring C. contrafactum D. orchestration 10. What is the musical term for one of many verses of poetry in a song? A. Chorus B. Canto C. Strophe D. Refrain 11. A form of polyphony consisting of two or more rhythmically interlocking voices is the A. Ituri. B. Mbuti. C. hocket. D. ostinato 12. A _______ is a type of folk song that tells a story. A. hoedown B. broadside C. ballad D. canon 13. Which one of the following is the name used for a Javanese instrumental group? A. Gamelan B. Cantor C. Mambo D. Kajar 14. The repetition (AA), variation (AA'), and contrast (AB) of a piece of music are all part of the music's A. timbre. B. texture. C. form. D. genre 15. Dylan says that the conga and cachiche are non-pitched instruments. Lyla says that the cowbell and cymbal are non-pitched instruments. Who is correct? A. Only Dylan is correct. B. Both Dylan and Lyla are correct. C. Neither Dylan nor Lyla is correct. D. Only Lyla is correct. 16. Von Bingen's Play of Virtues is a good example of a type of music called A. wenchang. B. recitation. C. plainchant. D. vocal quartet. 17. The third section of the sonata form is referred to as the A. cadenza. B. variation. C. finale. D. recapitulaton 18. A short, catchy motif that forms the memorable core of a song is called the A. label. B. hook. C. chord progression. D. line. 19. Every mass political movement since the _______ has had its songs. A. French Revolution of 1789 B. Renaissance C. Civil War D. Revolutionary War 20. An example of African American syncretism is A. treble singing. B. a capella chorale. C. call-and-response. D. rhyme singing 21. When we hear three or more notes played simultaneously, we're hearing a A. melody B. chord. C. polyphonic texture. D. monophonic line 22. What musical form is defined as a poem set to music? A. Lied B. Impromptu C. Episode D. Fantasie 23. The instrument that usually has the leading role in a piano trio is the A. violin. B. piano. C. viola. D. cello. 24. Which one of the following terms refers to a slight deviation from the exact rhythm? A. Rubato B. Syncopation C. Declamation D. Stop time 25. The music of Philip Glass is written mostly in the _______ style. A. expressionist B. post-Romantic C. minimalist D. impressionist 26. What is the musical term for a prescribed series of pitches that step upward and downward? A. measure. B. scale. C. meter. D. cadence 27. A _______ is a melodic pattern in Indian music designed to express or produce a specific feeling. A. karnataka B. tabla C. raga D. tala 28. A/An _______ is an unstaged opera on a sacred topic. A. coronation B. chorus C. cantata D. oratorio 29. The term _______ refers to the variety of short piano forms comprising Frederic Chopin's repertory. A. arial B. character piece C. ballad D. impromptu fantasy 30. _______ is designed for performance in an intimate setting. A. Opera seria B. Opera buffa C. Chamber music D. Symphony 31. Changing from one key to another is called A. modulation. B. imitation. C. variation. D. regulation. 32. Another word for the "color" of music is A. tone. B. timbre. C. dynamics. D. texture. 33. Which one of the following is an example of an oratorio? A. The Four Seasons B. Messiah C. Coronaton of Poppea D. Cantata no. 97 34. Which of the following composers wrote The Four Seasons? A. Verdi B. Vivaldi C. Bach D. Handel 35. Gottschalk's Union is an example of _______ as an attempt to connect purely instrumental music with the wider world of events and ideas. A. art songs B. lieder C. modernism D. program music 36. In music, the Italian term for "loud" is A. piano. B. fortissimo. C. forte. D. mezzo . 37. The binary form in Haydn's Symphony no. 102 in B flat major, third movement, is represented by A. ABBA. B. ABA. C. AABB. D. ABACADA. 38. Henri wants to indicate in the musical score that all the instruments should play. What word will he write in the score? A. Da Capo B. All C. Coda D. Tutti 39. Baroque composers considered the _______ to be the touchstone of their art. A. fugue B. minuet C. concerto D. recitative 40. The instrument that can create sound digitally and can mimic other instruments by adding partials to the fundamentals is the A. synthesizer. B. waza. C. oscilloscope. D. organ.
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