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U.S. History American Imperialism 12. Name ONE country that

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U.S. History: American Imperialism:
12. Name ONE country that had already established an empire before the Americans tried to
13. Name the THREE values that many Americans wanted to share with new colonies.
14. Who made the case that a strong navy was essential for American power?
15. The concept "White Man's Burden" made it clear that Americans felt they were culturally _______
16. Secretary of State John Hay and William Seward were clear that America deserved an "Open Door" to profits in
17. What agreement paved the way for an eventual American canal in Panama?
18. After Queen Lili (of Hawaii) asserted her authority over local American plantation owners, what happened?
19. The Treaty of Paris and American investment in Latin America are two examples of ____________diplomacy
20. Name TWO causes of the beginning of the Spanish-American War.
21. What president declared war on Spain in 1898?
22. Despite the Teller Amendment the United States forced Cubans to adopt the _______after the War, guaranteeing American influence over the island.
23.Since ________hated_________,
a war between the United States and Mexico nearly started in the early 1910's.
24. What geographic information did future president Theodore Roosevelt take to finally defeat the Spanish in Cuba?
25. Name the TWO other Spanish territories that were given to America by the Treaty of Paris.
26. It was inevitable that the Philippines would become independent from America after the brutal_______warfare that erupted after the S-A War.
27. Who said "walk softly and carry a big stick"?
28. The Roosevelt Corollary, which stated that America had the right to police the Western Hemisphere, was inspired by the 1820's____________

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