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Penn Foster - Medical Terminology Final Examination # 409688

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Penn Foster - Medical Terminology
Final Examination # XXXXX anwsers

Questions 1–40: Select the one best answer to each question.

1. A patient has calculi present in the kidney. This statement indicates
which diagnosis?
A. Nephrolithiasis C. Renal cell carcinoma
B. Proteinuria D. Nephropathy
2. A patient underwent dialysis for CRF. What does this abbreviation
A. Culture and sensitivity C. Chronic renal failure
B. Cystoscopic examination D. Catheterization
3. A pyelogram was performed on a 43-year-old male patient. The root
word means
A. trough, basin, pelvis. C. bladder, urine.
B. ureter, urethra. D. kidney, medulla.
4. A patient states that he gets up three or more times per night to
void. What type of condition does this symptom indicate?
A. Uremia C. Stricture
B. Calculi D. Nocturia
5. Laboratory test results from a 17-year-old female patient reveal cytopenia. (-Penia) means
A. develop. C. discharge.
B. deficiency. D. bad.
6. A patient’s chief complaint is, “When I urinate, I see streaks of blood.” What diagnosis does the
chief complaint indicate?
A. Uremia C. Hematuria
B. Diuresis D. Urinary incontinence
7. A patient had a cystectomy. What does the root of this word mean?
A. Kidney C. Bladder
B. Tube D. Meatus
8. A discharge diagnosis is myasthenia. What does the suffix (-asthenia) in this word mean?
A. Weakness C. Decrease
B. Half D. Large
9. A patient suffers from hypotension. What does (hypo-) mean?
A. Many C. Below
B. All D. One
10. An 18-year-old female has never had a menstrual cycle. She’s suffering from
A. coitus. C. atresia.
B. adnexa. D. amenorrhea.
11. When the uterus extends outside the vagina, a condition known as _______ exists.
A. dysplasia C. Bartholin’s gland abscess
B. hyperplasia D. prolapse
12. What does the prefix in the term microsurgery indicate?
A. Covering C. Small size
B. Hard D. Twisted
13. A patient’s primary complaint is pain during menstruation. What is the diagnosis?
A. Premenstrual syndrome C. Polymenorrhea
B. Dysmenorrhea D. Amenorrhea
14. A patient is complaining of itching and burning in the genital area. What condition does this
statement describe?
A. Polymenorrhea C. Mastitis
B. Sebaceous cyst D. Pruritus vulvae

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