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6-2, Draw a diagram: <br />And internal LAN consists of six workgroup switches, four routers and no hubs. The switches are distributed one to a floor in an office building, but employees belonging to the company's departments – accounting, HR, engineering, and customer service – are not on the same floor as the rest of the employees in the departments. The company's four internal servers are located with the routers in one the first floor. Make a diagram of the building and how these might be physically connected. Include all 6 switches, 4 routers, and 4 servers, plus at least one workstation from each department. Next use dashed lines to indicate the path that data would travel between a workstation in accounting on one floor to accounting on another floor. <br /> <br /> <br />7-1, Answer in 200+ words: <br />You are hired to help design a corporate WAN. Headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the firm also has large regional offices in Seattle, Phoenix, and Boston. These offices need a way to exchange e-mail and large files. Most of the firm's 500 engineers and technical specialists spend at least half their time on the road and while mobile, they need to upload data to their regional offices. At other times, they work from home and need fast and reliable connections to their regional offices. The IT manager makes it clear that business is booming and so you should not necessarily seek economical solutions. Describe at least two suitable WAN technologies for each of the three connectivity situations: office-to-office, mobile user-to-office, and home-to-office. Which options do you recommend above all and why? <br /> <br /> <br />10-1, Diagram & 100+ words: <br />You have been hired to consult with a large, local history museum and suggest improvements to update its LAN. The museum staff of 35 full-time and 8 part-time employees hasn't had time to pay attention to the network setup 4 years ago. Currently the LAN consists of 30 desktop PCs, 8 laptops, and some printers. Employees use laptops at home as well as at the museum, so they have been configured to use with a dial-up internet connection. At the museum, a router connects the LAN to the local ISP through a T3 link. Connected to the router are five switches positioned at different places throughout the museum. Each network client connects to its nearest switch. Every client is assigned a static IP address based on the group of addresses the museum leases from its ISP. Not surprisingly, the staff has reported frustrations with maintaining this setup and worry about if it will allow them to increase the size of their network. What steps to you take to simplify the museum's client IP assignment process? What measures will help conserve IP addresses as the museum grows? Draw a simple network diagram that includes the museum's LAN clients, its existing connection to the internet, and all necessary connectivity hardware to implement your suggestion. <br /> <br /> <br />11-3, Diagram & 100+ words: <br />Your company needs to be able to hold videoconferences. Draw a diagram that shows each element of a videoconference that involves a speaker from another country, half dozen participants from other states, and employees from your company. Finally, explain whether you recommend the company buy or lease this technology and why you think that. <br /> <br /> <br />13-5, Sample Tracking Record: <br />Three executives, who couldn't pick up their e-mail messages, were sitting in a conference room with two other executives. The two that could get messages have offices down the hall from the conference room. The other three traveled from New York to the meeting in Boston. The call came from the three executives at 7:54 am and the problem was solved by 10:00 am. White a sample tracking record for the incident described. Include all pertinent details that will help future troubleshooters more quickly diagnose the same kind of problem and that will enable you to give the executives thorough, clear answers in case they call to ask you why the problem took so long to fix. <br /> <br /> <br />15, Quick Two Page Report: <br />Research network diagramming products on the market and write a two page report of your findings. The research should include three products and a comparison of the technical specifications, ease of use (if available), price, availability, and product ratings (if available). Provide links to where you found the info.
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