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1.)Distinguish between the Paleolithic and Neolithic Periods

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1.)Distinguish between the Paleolithic and Neolithic Periods in terms of time and cultural developments. Compare and contrast specific examples of artifacts, practices, and systems of belief. Discuss why art survives or does not. Include the four reasons Getlein cites for how art survives, giving an example of art work from both the Paleolithic and Neolithic Periods that meet one of these requirements. What types of art work or materials would not likely survive? How might this affect our opinion of a culture? 2.) First, describe the shift in the Roman Empire that created Byzantium in the East and what would eventually become Europe in the West and explain the impact of this political, religious, and social split on the art produced in these regions in this era. Provide specific examples of particular works of art or architecture to illustrate your points. Second, trace the subsequent development of art in the East and the West from the Early through the High and Late Middle Ages by citing specific works of art or architecture and describing characteristic features these works exemplify. Be sure to include the each of the following terms in your discussion: • animal style • Carolingian • Romanesque • Gothic 3.) Write a comparison of two art works, each from a different culture or time period within a culture, that you have studied in these two chapters, 14 and 15. Place each work in historical context. Include what role the art work might have fulfilled in the culture, (the six roles of art, designated by Getlein in Chapter 1 will assist you), and what you see as the theme of each art work. (Review the nine themes of art discussed by Getlein in Chapter 3.) Use at least 5 terms from the Visual Elements and Principles of Design, from Chapters 4 and 5.
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