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Let's go on a “Fantastic Voyage!” Imagine that you are a vid

Customer Question

Let's go on a “Fantastic Voyage!” Imagine that you are a video reporter piloting a mini-sub that has been put through a miniaturization process making you and the sub only 8 microns long! (Ever see the movie “Inner Space”?) You have been injected into the femoral vein of a healthy female. The alert just came out that a bacterium is invading the lower lobe of the right lung!! You are to pilot your sub to the site of the “invasion” and do a live report on what you see. 1. Trace your path from the right femoral vein to the lower lobe of the right lung via the right pulmonary artery: Rules of the Road: A. You may never go the wrong way down a “one-way street” B. You are not allowed to “create” new roads C. You may choose any possible route Describe all major structures you pass by or through, just like a tour guide would do (but you don't need to indicate every “side road”). 2. Now that you’ve arrived at the lung, describe the structures you see, and narrate how the body combats the invading bacterium using the knowledge you have gained in the first 4 units. Address both specific and nonspecific immunity and the cells that are involved in each process. 3. Once you have documented the “Battle of the Lung,” cross the alveolar membrane, and trace your route out of the body through the nose.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework

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