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A. Compare the columnar epithelium from the stomach to that

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A. Compare the columnar epithelium from the stomach to that of the duodenum. How is each modified to carry out a specific function?

B. What are the structural modifications you saw in the salivary glands that allow them to carry out their function?

C. Where can you find Kupffer cells and what do they do?

D. How is the ileum structurally different from the duodenum?

E. What is the alimentary canal?


A. What do the three salivary glands have in common?

B. How can you distinguish between the hard palate and soft palate? What does each structure do?

C. Propose a reason why the liver is so large in the fetal pig.

D. Where can you find rugae? What is their function?

E. Where is the ileocecal valve?

F. How can you tell when you have transitioned from the small intestine to the large intestine in the fetal pig?

G. What structure empties enzymes produced in the pancreas into the duodenum?

H. Besides the digestive system, to what other system does the pancreas belong to?


1. Describe the structure of the stomach. How is it modified to carry out its functions? How does it compare to that of the fetal pig?
2. Describe the structure of the intestines. How are they modified to carryout their functions? How does the human intestine compare to the fetal pig?
3. Describe the structure of the pancreas. How is the pancreas modified to carry out its various functions? How does the human pancreas compare to that of the fetal pig?
4. Describe the structure of the teeth? How is this tissue modified to carryout its function?


A. What is hydrolysis?

C. How does BAPNA work?

G. Explain how trypsin works on proteins.

H. Fat digestion requires two steps? What are the steps and what enzymes are used to accomplish each step?

Define the following terms based on your observations of the slides in STEP 5. Include the definitions in the lab report.
1. Serous acinus and mucous acinus of salivary glands
2. Adventitia, muscularis,submucosa, and mucosa
3. Gastric glands
4. Chief cells and parietal cells
5. Hepatocytes
6. Central vein and sinusoids (liver)
7. Intestinal glands
8. Duodenal glands
9. Peyer's patches
10. Goblet cells

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you. I really needed a push in the right direction. I should be able to expand on this for the rest of the lab.