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Need help on criminal law week 4 quiz

Customer Question

CJA 343 Criminal Law Week 4 Quiz
MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.
1) When an offender is found in _____ contempt of court, the judge may punish him or her summarily.
A) indirectB) feloniousC) serious D) direct
2) _________ is an unlawful attempt to interfere with the administration of the courts, the judicial system, or law enforcement officers, or with the activities of those who seek justice in a court or whose duties involve the administration of justice.
A) Criminal contempt B) Criminal syndicalism C) Obstruction of justice D) Disorderly conduct
3) Crimes against the administration of government include:
A) prostitution. B) unlawful assembly. C) disorderly conduct. D) perjury.
4) ________ includes acts that a public office holder has no right to perform.
A) Criminal contempt B) Criminal syndicalism C) Obstruction of justice D) Misconduct in office
5) ________ is the offense of giving or receiving a gift or reward intended to influence a person in the exercise of a judicial or public duty.
A) Misconduct in office B) Bribery C) Misprision of office D) Obstruction of justice
6) Bob gives Ray $500 to come to court and to lie, under oath, and testify that Bob was with him when Bob was really committing a robbery. In addition to the robbery, Bob has committed ________ of perjury.
A) bribery B) misprision C) subornation D) breach
7) Public order offenses include:
A) treason. B) perjury. C) prostitution. D) disorderly conduct.
8) ________ is one form of disorderly conduct that is often described as unlawful public fighting to the terror of the people.
A) Riot B) Affray C) Sedition D) Rout
9) Many traditionally worded ________ statutes were struck down by the courts for being too vague or attempting to punish a status rather than an activity.
A) criminal syndicalism B) DUI C) unlawful assembly D) vagrancy
10) In most jurisdictions ________ is the gathering of three or more persons for the purpose of committing an unlawful act.
A) an unlawful assembly B) criminal contempt C) vagrancy D) treason
11) The purpose of the crime of promoting prostitution is to punish persons who:
A)work as prostitutes. B) profit by using others to engage in prostitution. C) have sex with prostitutes. D) ask prostitutes for sex.
12) In 1910, the federal government passed the Mann Act or "White Slave Traffic Act" for the purpose of controlling:
A) gambling. B) slavery. C) prostitution. D) involuntary servitude.
13) Controlled substances are specifically defined bioactive or psychoactive chemical substances that come under the purview of:
A) tort law. B) the criminal law. C) the U.S. Constitution. D) civil liberties.
14) ________ statutes authorize judges to seize "all monies, negotiable instruments, securities, or other things of value furnished or intended to be furnished by any person in exchange for a controlled substance ... (and) all proceeds traceable to such an exchange."
A) Victimless B) Designer C) RICO D) Forfeiture
15) A morbid interest in sex is a(n) ________ interest.
A) childlike B) controlled C) adult D) prurient
16) An office holder who commits misconduct in office by doing something he or she has no right to do is guilty of:
A) non-feasance. B) misdirection. C) malfeasance. D) misfeasance.
17) Bob stands outside the courthouse with a bullhorn, making a speech that he hopes to improperly influence the decision of a judge inside. Bob has committed:
A) bribery. B) destruction of justice. C) rebellion. D) obstruction of justice.
18) The elements of the crime of ________ are: 1) engaging in or offering to perform, 2) a sexual act, 3) for hire.
A) soliciting B) pimping C) prostitution D) pandering
19) Bob is an Englishman. He comes to America to spy for the Russians and unlawfully passes the Russians information about America's national defense. Bob has committed:
A) sedition. B) espionage C) misprision of treason. D) treason.
20) Crimes against nature include:
A) fornication. B) adultery. C) bestiality. D) prostitution.
TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.
21) Even "fighting words" are protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
22) The term "breach of peace" includes not only violent acts, but acts and words likely to produce violence in others.
23) Bob threatens a witness with harm so that the witness will not testify against Bob in court. Bob has committed the offense of obstruction of justice.
24) Bob is on trial for robbery. Under oath, Ray testifies that he is a high school math teacher that he saw Bob commit the robbery. While it is true that Ray saw Bob commit the robbery, Ray really works as an airline pilot. Ray lied about being a high school math teacher. Ray committed perjury.
25) A lynching is the illegal hanging of a criminal.
26) The crime of escape includes leaving custody without permission, but does not include failure to return to custody if granted temporary leave.
27) Sedition consists of a communication or agreement intended to defame the government or to incite treason.
28) Bob is given a ticket because after a few beers he was driving with a blood alcohol level higher than the 0.10 level allowed by law in his state. In most jurisdictions, Bob will be guilty of driving under the influence even if he can show that those beers did not impair his ability to drive.
29) Ray knows that Bob is acting to aid America's enemies. When the FBI questions Ray about Bob's activities, he conceals what he knows about Bob's activities. Ray has committed treason.
30) During his trial for robbery, Bob charges the bench and slaps the judge. Bob has committed criminal contempt.
31) The states have very similar laws when it comes to gambling.
32) Designer drugs are produced to evade the controlling statutory provisions.
33) Polygamy is unlawful sexual intercourse with a relative through blood or marriage.
34) In most states, only the prostitute, not his or her customer, can be found guilty of prostitution.
35) Gambling is only rarely associated with organized criminal activity.
36) The practice of homosexuality was against the law in this country in most places for many years.
37)A conviction for prostitution does not require the sexual act in question to actually take place.
38) RICO is an acronym for the section of the federal Organized Crime Control Act known as the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations provision.
39)Men, as well as women, can be prostitutes.
40) Obscene material that appeals to the prurient interest and lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value is not protected by the First Amendment.
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Expert:  Legalwriter replied 6 years ago.

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