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MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY 25. What does the abbreviation AD”

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25. What does the abbreviation “AD” represent in a medical report?
A. Left ear C. Right ear
B. Both ears D. Right eye

26. A patient is taking codeine, a drug that has a high potential for
A. side effects. C. absorption.
B. toxicity. D. addiction.

27. A patient has lost interest in normal activities, feels sad, and has experienced a
loss in appetite. The physician is most likely to prescribe a/an ______ to elevate the
patient’s mood.
A. anticonvulsant C. diuretic
B. antidepressant D. emetic

28. A 30-year-old female is three months pregnant. She’s suffering from severe nausea and
vomiting. The doctor prescribes a/an
A. antiemetic. C. gastrointestinal drug.
B. analgesic. D. anticonvulsant.

29. A patient has dermatitis. What does the suffix in this term represent?
A. Pertaining to C. Discoloration
B. Hernia D. Inflammation

30. Anna has an upper respiratory tract infection. She has had a fever of 103°F for the past
three days. She is taking Tylenol to help reduce her fever. What type of drug action does
this medication provide?
A. Placebo C. Therapeutic
B. Prophylactic D. Palliative

31. Which of the following terms indicates a slow heart beat?
A. Bradycardia C. Infarct
B. Stenosis D. Murmur

32. A patient had a free-moving clot. What is another term for this type of clot?
A. Gangrene C. Stenosis
B. Embolism D. Murmur

33. A patient was brought into the emergency room with symptoms of a heart attack. What
diagnosis does heart attack indicate?
A. Myocarditis C. Cardiac arrest
B. Myocardial infarction D. Ischemia

34. One type of abnormal heart sound is referred to as a/an
A. murmur. C. regurgitation.
B. infarct. D. mitral valve prolapse.

35. A 67-year-old female has a heart valve that’s failing to close completely. Which diagnosis
indicates this condition?
A. Mitral valve prolapse C. Ischemia
B. Valvular insufficiency D. Heart murmur

36. History revealed that the patient previously underwent a postsurgical procedure to correct
valvular stenosis. What is the name of this procedure?
A. Echocardiogram C. Heart valve
B. Cardiac catheterization D. Commissurotomy

37. A patient complains of a fast heart rate. Which diagnosis does this statement indicate?
A. Arrhythmia C. Infarct
B. Tachycardia D. Ischemia

38. A patient’s chief complaint is pallor, numbness in the fingers. History of present illness:
A 69-year-old female has temporary constriction of arterioles on the skin. Which of the
following diagnoses would fit the physician’s impression?
A. Unstable angina C. Raynaud’s phenomenon
B. Pleural effusion D. Congestive heart failure

39. With a patient lying in the supine position, the carotid vein was cut. What operative
procedure was done?
A. Angioplasty C. Embolectomy
B. Atherectomy D. Phlebotomy

40. Tissue necrosis was present due to inadequate blood supply. Which diagnosis best
describes this condition?
A. Infarct C. Mitral valve prolapse
B. Ischemia D. Varicose veins

Hello Kasey,


25. C. Right ear

26. D. addiction.

27. B. antidepressant

28. A. antiemetic.

29. D. Inflammation

30. D. Palliative

31. A. Bradycardia

32. B. Embolism

33. B. Myocardial infarction

34. A. murmur.

35. A. Mitral valve prolapse

36. D. Commissurotomy

37. B. Tachycardia

38. C. Raynaud's phenomenon

39. C. Embolectomy

40. B. Ischemia


Hope this helps!


Chris M. and other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

KissCan you help me with 52-60, PLEASE? THANK YOU SO MUCH CHRIS..

52. A patient had a radiogram performed. What does the root word indicate?

A. Same C. Ray

B. Luminous D. Life

53. A coding specialist had a TB skin test performed before starting a new job; this test is also

known as the _______ test.

A. rhinitis C. Mantoux

B. cystic fibrosis D. dysphagia

54. A patient has symptoms indicative of lung inflammation. What is this patient's diagnosis?

A. Pneumonia C. Emphysema

B. Asthma D. Rhinitis

55. A 60-year-old patient who comes to the emergency room with shortness of breath

is experiencing

A. dysphagia. C. pleural effusion.

B. inspiration. D. dyspnea.

56. A patient has adenopathy of the lymph nodes. (Aden/o-) means

A. gland. C. tumor.

B. disease. D. cancer.

57. A patient with bronchitis is directed to take Humabid. What type of medication is

being prescribed?A. Expectorant C. Antiemetic

B. Antihistamine D. Diuretic

58. A portion of the patient's right lung was resected due to lung cancer. Which of the following

procedures was performed?

A. Thoracostomy C. LobectomyB. Tracheotomy D. Pleurectomy

59. A patient was diagnosed with hemothorax. What does the suffix in this term mean?

A. Chest C. NoseB. Breath D. Lung

60. A patient was experiencing indigestion almost every day. The physician performed an upper GI series, also known as a _______ test.

A. bronchographic C. cholangiographicB. barium enema D. barium swallow


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