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PENN FOSTER Medical Terminology Midterm #40968600 9. Where

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PENN FOSTER Medical Terminology Midterm #40968600

9. Where are the lateral ports located?
A. Toward the back C. Away from the median
B. Toward the head D. Toward the front

10. A 65-year-old patient has a murmur over the apex of the heart. What does the term
apex represent?
A. Tip C. Front
B. Nearest the middle D. Back

11. A patient reports smoking three packs of cigarettes per month. She denies drug and
alcohol use. This statement is an example of
A. social history. C. physical examination.
B. family history. D. chief complaint.

12. Which of the following words is spelled correctly according to your medical dictionary’s
definition for the function of cells, tissues, and organs of a living organism?
A. Physiologie C. Phsyology
B. Physiology D. Physeology

13. A patient went into cardiac arrest. The (–ac) portion of the word cardiac is a/an
A. noun suffix. C. combining form.
B. plural suffix. D. adjective suffix.

14. A 16-year-old patient is having problems with a swollen gland on the left side of her neck.
The physician is most likely to use _______ to determine if the gland has any atypical
A. auscultation C. palpation
B. percussion D. visualization

15. During surgery, one cm of subcutaneous fat is revealed. What does the prefix in the word
subcutaneous mean?
A. Across C. Around
B. Under D. Within

16. A patient’s face shows pustular lesions and comedone formation. The skin’s surface is
quite inflamed. Which of the following diagnoses best describes this statement?
A. Rosacea C. Acne vulgaris
B. Sebaceous cyst D. Measles

17. A 45-year-old woman is being treated for menopause. The physician’s medication orders
include Premarin. Premarin is a form of
A. androgen. C. progestin.
B. estrogen. D. cathartic.

18. Severe pruritus indicates
A. pain. C. itchiness.
B. inflammation. D. bruising.

19. A patient was brought to the hospital emergency room with a stab wound to the patellar
area. A needle was inserted to remove synovial fluid from the joint. What type of procedure
was done?
A. Arthrocentesis C. Meniscectomy
B. Revision arthroplasty D. Ostectomy

20. A patient was prescribed suppositories to be inserted rectally for nausea and vomiting.
What drug administration route is being used in this scenario?
A. Gastrointestinal C. Parenteral
B. Intramuscular D. Subcutaneous

21. The bx of the skin lesion was benign. What does the abbreviation bx stand for?
A. Bactroban C. Basal cell carcinoma
B. Biopsy D. Burn xeroderma

22. Rhinocort Aqua spray is presently prescribed. Through which medication route is this
medication taken?
A. Rectal C. Topical
B. Inhalation D. Intravenous

23. Apply the “ung” to the skin. Ung stands for
A. solution. C. orally.
B. injection. D. ointment.

24. A young woman’s arm was covered with tiny ephelides, which are
A. birthmarks. C. small tumors.
B. freckles. D. cysts.

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