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what are the answers to penn foster project ( information literacy) For

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what are the answers to penn foster project ( information literacy)

For questions 1–7, access the Penn Foster student library using the link on your personal student home page. Do not ask the librarian for answers to these questions.

1. In which section of the library is the link "Evaluating Information on the Web"?
A. Subject Guides
B. Virtual Reference Room
C. EDSeek
D. Guidebooks and Tips

2. Use one of the sources available in the Almanacs and Yearbooks section to identify the approximate time of sunrise in Anchorage, Alaska, on December 25, 2015. (Hint: Check the source's Astronomy section.)
A. 8:10 A.M.
B. 9:45 A.M.
C. 10:15 A.M.
D. 11:30 A.M.

3. Using one of the resources in the Library's Subject Guides, find the active ingredient in the prescription drug, Zithromax®.
A. Levothyroxine
B. Digoxin
C. Amoxicillin
D. Azithromycin

4. Which of the following sections of EDSeek is most helpful in providing possible keywords related to your topic?
A. Home
B. Browse Subjects
C. Browse Publications
D. Help

Questions 5–7: In the keyword search on EDSeek's Home page, enter the following statement: theor* AND dinosaur* AND extinct*. Based on the results from this search, choose the best answer to each of the following questions.

5. Which of the following publications are both listed under the "Magazines" results?
A. Astronomy and Science
B. Odyssey and Natural History
C. The Economist and American Scientist
D. Science News and Time

6. Which article title represents a citation under the News results?
A. "Second Crater Points to Killer Comets"
B. "Extinctions Tied to Impact from Space"
C. "Princeton Paleontologist Produces Evidence for New Theory on Dinosaur Extinction"
D. "Chunk of Death-Dealing Asteroid Found"

7. Double-click the title of Joel Davis's 2008 Astronomy article "185 Million Years Before the Dinosaurs' Demise, Did an Asteroid Nearly End Life on Earth? Scientists May Have Found the Smoking Gun." Which of the following topics are both listed under Related Subjects?
A. Natural History and Permian Period
B. Asteroids and Paleontologist
C. Chicxulub Crater and Mass Destruction
D. Dinosaurs and Cretaceous Period

Questions 8–11: Using online and print reference sources that have been covered in this study unit, answer the following questions.

8. Geographically, Guam is part of what continent?
A. North America
B. Australasia
C. Australia
D. South Africa

9. At, locate the Web site for the school's accrediting body which is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency.

10. Find the total land area of Belarus.
A. 80,200 sq km
B. 106,700 sq km
C. 207,600 sq km
D. 10,322,151 sq km

11. Lady's Slippers belong to what flower family?
A. Orchid (Orchidaceae)
B. Jewelweed (Balsaminaceae)
C. Figwort (Scrophulariaceae)
D. Nightshade (Solanaceae)

Questions 12–15: Access the Library of Congress library catalog at and read the Basic Search Tips. Then, find the information to answer the questions.

12. What year was the oldest copy of Ralph Ellison's Going to the Territory published?
A. 1952
B. 1986
C. 1987
D. 1995

13. What is the call number of the oldest copy of Ellison's Shadow and Act?
A. PS153.N5 E4 1964
B. PS153.N5 E4 1995
C. PS3555.L625 G6 1964
D. PS3555.L625 E6 1986

14. Identify the publisher and the number of pages for Ellison's 2002 edition of Invisible Man.
A. Gollancz, 439 pp
B. Vintage International, 581 pp
C. Random House, Inc., 439 pp
D. Modern Library, 290 pp

15. What are the subject headings for the 2002 edition of Invisible Man?
A. Ellison, Ralph. Invisible man
B. African Americans in literature—Outlines, syllabi, etc.
C. American literature—History and criticism
D. African American men—Fiction

Questions 16–20: Using the Internet and the search skills you have learned in this study unit, answer the following questions. You may wish to use search engines, meta-search engines, or virtual reference collections discussed in the study unit.

16. What waterside town in the United States is famous for dropping a "walleye" as the official countdown to the New Year?
A. Port Clyde, ME
B. Port Charlotte, FL
C. Port Wentworth, GA
D. Port Clinton, OH

17. When did the U.S. purchase Alaska and how much did it cost?
A. 1867, $7.2 million
B. 1912, $7.2 million
C. 1959, $7.2 billion
D. 1967, $7.2 billion

18. Who said the famous quote: "It isn't nece

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