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EXAMINATION NUMBER 00711300 1. To the Hopi and Zuni

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1. To the Hopi and Zuni of the American Southwest, a Kachina
was a/an
A. holy man or shaman.
B. living spirit.
C. herbal medicine.
D. musical instrument.

2. The term Hellenistic is associated with
A. art or architecture produced in Athens.
B. art influenced by the forms and designs of the
Age of Pericles.
C. European art after the fall of the Roman Empire.
D. the impact of the Greek Empire founded by Alexander
the Great.

3. The Scream, painted by Edward Munch, has become a cliché
because it
A. has been trivialized in ads and cartoons.
B. has been shown in so many art galleries.
C. no longer evokes any emotional resonance.
D. represents the violence of the modern world.

4. The painting Venus of Urbino, by Titian, is most notable for its
A. symmetry. C. sensuality.
B. symbolism. D. texture.

5. Which of the following best illustrates radial symmetry?
A. A soup can C. Your face in a mirror
B. A snowflake D. A perfect sphere

6. Concrete was an important material in the architecture of
A. Rome. C. Greece.
B. Mesopotamia. D. Egypt.

7. Among the Pueblo peoples of the American Southwest, Kokopelli was a
A. sacred chamber in the ground.
B. ceremonial basket.
C. figure of a dancing piper.
D. food prepared for celebration.

8. Which of the following is a secondary color?
A. Blue C. Red
B. Yellow D. Green

9. In The Marriage of Giovanni Arnolfini and Giovanna Cerami, painted by Jan van Eyck,
the symmetry we may observe is primarily _______ symmetry.
A. mirror C. dynamic
B. symbolic D. illusionary

10. The purpose of The Lady of Shallot, a painting by Waterhouse, was to illustrate a/an
A. Greek poem.
B. Roman myth.
C. Arthurian legend.
D. Christian parable.

11. Which of the following phrases best characterizes the art of Minoan Crete?
A. Blissful and otherworldly C. Joyful and life affirming
B. Rigid and formal D. Somber and realistic

12. Regarding purposes for creating art, Liberty Leading the People is an example of
A. representing the sacred. C. playful decoration.
B. recording an ancient myth. D. social commentary.

13. In a painting, the techniques of chiaroscuro are intended to produce _______ texture.
A. visual C. virtual
B. imaginary D. literal

14. The aesthetic impulse is the tendency of people to
A. respond to beauty. C. create art.
B. appreciate art. D. choose order over disorder.

15. To produce a tint of the color green, you should add
A. a secondary color. C. a tertiary color.
B. black. D. white.

16. Two colors are _______ when they’re directly across from each other on the color
wheel and share no common colors.
A. conflicting C. complementary
B. supplemental D. blended

17. The earliest of the Greek architectural orders was
A. Ionic. C. Mycenaean.
B. Doric. D. Corinthian.

18. The word aesthetic comes from Greek and means
A. artistic sensitivity. C. the perception of beauty.
B. art for art’s sake. D. creating beauty.

19. When we’re attracted to a work of art because it makes us feel happy, sad, or calm
and peaceful, we’re experiencing
A. the artistic impulse. C. an aesthetic judgment.
B. harmony. D. emotional resonance.

20. Using the rule of thirds to evaluate the composition of a well-crafted painting, the eye
should be attracted to
A. one or more points of interest.
B. the top of the painting.
C. the midpoint of the composition.
D. the lighter values in the painting.

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