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11) Which of the following is NOT a component part of total

Resolved Question:

11) Which of the following is NOT a component part of total customer value?
a) Image value
b) Psychic value
c) Services value
d) Product value
12) ______________ is the difference between a prospective customer’s evaluation of all the benefits and costs of an offering and the perceived alternatives.
a. Customer relationship management
b. Customer delivered value
c. Customer perceived value
d. Total customer cost
13) _____________ are relatively homogeneous and enduring divisions in society, and may exhibit distinct product, brand, and media preferences.
a. Cultures
b. Demographic groups
c. Social classes
d. Subcultures
14) Each of the following is considered consumer behavior EXCEPT:
a. Acceptance of a political idea
b. Use of public transit
c. Production of a concert
d. Selection of a product
15) Which factors have the broadest and deepest influence on consumer behavior?
a. Psychological
b. Cultural
c. Social
d. Personal
16) The business market differs from the consumer market in that _____________.
a. It is a much smaller market in dollar volume than the consumer market
b. It is a much larger market with many more buyers than the consumer market
c. More product customization takes place in the consumer market
d. It acquires goods and services in order to use them for another purpose as opposed to acquiring goods or services for personal consumption
17) Organizational buying is ______________.
a. A way a company can produce a greater variety of high-quality products at lower cost, in less time, with less labor.
b. A process by which organizations recognize their needs for goods and services
c. The decision-making process by which organizations establish and satisfy their needs for goods and services.
d. The practice of establishing strategic partnerships between manufacturers and their suppliers.
18) The ____________ consists of all the organizations that acquire goods and services used in the production of other products or services that are sold, rented, or supplied to other customers.
a. Institutional market
b. Business market
c. Consumer market
d. Government market
19) Toyota, the maker of the Scion brand, using what kind of brand strategy with Scion products?
a. Blanket family names
b. Separate family names
c. Individual names
d. Corporate names
20) Brands can play a number of specific roles within a company’s brand portfolio. For example, a __________ is positioned with respect to competitors’ brands so that more important and profitable brands retain their desired positioning.
a. Low-end, entry level brand
b. Cash cow
c. High-end, prestige brand
d. Flanker
21) Which of the following is NOT an advantage of co-branding?
a. Helps position new products
b. Might contribute to overexposure of the brand
c. Generates additional sales from the existing target market
d. Provides more opportunities with new customers
22) In 2003, Toyota introduced its Scion brand with the aim of bringing younger buyers into the “family.” This was a classic example of _________________.
a. Line cannibalization
b. Line featuring
c. Line padding
d. Line stretching
23) ___________ are formal statements of expected product performance by the manufacturer.
a. General guarantees
b. Open pricing statements
c. Warranties
d. Promotional statements

24) Mazda’s Miata convertible originally drew the most interest from women between the ages of 35-55. In order to interest more potential customers in the roadster, Mazda beefed up the model with heavier shocks and a faster engine, and then emphasized performance in its advertising. This is an example of creating a new product by ____________.
a. Product development strategy
b. Repositioning
c. Market diversification strategy
d. The development of a new product line
25) For $15 a day, Chlena will go to your home and feed, water, and play with your pet while you are on vacation. The service Chlena provides is an example of a _____________.
a. Major service with accompanying minor goods and services
b. Tangible good with accompanying service
c. Pure service
d. Hybrid
26) Which of the following best describes the category in which the offering’s service mix is distinguished? “People patronize restaurants for both food and service.”
a. Pure service
b. Pure tangible good
c. Hybrid
d. Tangible good with accompanying services
27) Best Buy will often try to sell the buyer of a high end television monitor an extended warranty. This is an example of _______________.
a. Pure tangible good
b. Tangible good with accompanying services
c. Hybrid
d. Pure service
28) When customers buy on the basis of a reference price or because the price conveys a particular quality image to them, they are being influenced by ____________.
a. Value augmented by perception
b. Value pricing
c. The going rates of competitors
d. The psychology of pricing
29) A common mistake in pricing is ____________________.
a. Setting prices independently of the rest of the market mix
b. Revising prices too often
c. Ignoring costs when setting prices
d. Considering price and price competition as a key problem in marketing
30) Scotty is in the process of opening Suburban Legends SK8S to sell boards, wheels, trucks, clothing, videos, and skateboarding related collectibles. The first thing Scotty should do when setting the store’s prices is to ____________.
a. Determine her target market
b. Estimate costs
c. Select a pricing method
d. Select a pricing objective
31) When Cyler goes to do his grocery shopping for the week he also likes to drop off his finished rolls of film and visit the bank at the same time. He would also like the idea of having a package mailing service to use while he is shopping. Cyler would enjoy doing his grocery shopping at a _______________.
a. Category killer
b. Combination store
c. Superstore
d. Hypermarket
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