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1. If a disk is full, you may be able to improve the computers performance

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1. If a disk is full, you may be able to improve the computer’s
performance by running

A. Check Disk.
B. Disk Cleanup.
C. Scan Disk.
D. Disk Defragmenter.

2. The optimal wait time before a screen saver kicks in is
A. approximately calculated.
B. 1 minute.
C. user dependent.
D. 10 minutes.

3. In troubleshooting, removing as many variables as possible
from the scenario is known as

A. reducing variables.
B. eliminating processes.
C. isolating the problem.
D. diagnosing the system.

4. The StickyKeys option works well for a user who
A. is unable to press a key firmly and quickly.
B. has limited vision.
C. is unable to use the regular keyboard.
D. can’t hold down multiple keys simultaneously.

5. One effective way to free space on a hard drive it to

A. use Check Disk to isolate disk errors.
B. run the Disk Defragmenter.
C. adjust the screen saver settings.
D. uninstall unused programs.

6. A visually impaired user would most likely benefit from the _______ accessibility option.

A. ShowSounds
B. Magnifier
C. StickyKeys
D. On-Screen Keyboard

7. You can find the version of a computer’s operating system by accessing
the _______ window.

A. Monitor
B. My Computer
C. Device Manager
D. System Information

8. When a computer is functioning at optimal level, you should print a copy of its system
information. This provides a(n) _______ of comparison that you can use if the computer
malfunctions again.

A. platform
B. baseline
D. origin

9. If you wanted to see whether a computer’s screen saver was password-protected in
Windows XP, you would first click on the _______ icon in Control Panel.

A. Display
B. Administrative Tools
C. User Accounts
D. System

10. A problem that can not be duplicated or repeated is referred to as a _______ problem.

A. transient
B. phantom
C. mistake
D. user

11. In Vista and Windows 7, which process opens the Ease of Access folder?

A. Click the Windows icon/Start button. Then, choose All Programs, Accessories, and
then the Ease of Access folder.

B. Right-click the desktop, click Properties, and then click the Ease of Access folder.

C. Click the Windows icon/Start button. Then, choose Computer, and then the Ease of
Access folder.

D. Click the Windows icon/Start button. Then, choose Control Panel, Hardware and
Sound, and the Ease of Access folder.

12. To view the properties of a device represented by an icon in the My Computer / Computer
window, you would _______ the icon.

A. double-click
B. copy
C. right-click
D. hold the cursor over

13. Although several jobs are sent to the printer, nothing prints. First, you check the driver
and confirm that the correct one is installed. Next, should you check the printer’s list of
jobs to see whether

A. the print buffer is overflowing.
B. the print jobs are too big.
C. a printer icon is flashing.
D. printing has been paused.

14. Tracy recently got a job working from home. She’s worried about losing her files and asks you for advice. You should suggest to her to do which of the following?

A. Secure her password.
B. Perform regular backups.
C. Use the Disk Defragmenter.
D. Perform a Disk Cleanup.

15. Which process opens the Mouse options in Vista and Windows 7?

A. Click the Windows icon/Start button. Then, choose Control Panel, Hardware and
Sound, and Mouse.

B. Click the Windows icon/Start button. Then, choose Accessories, System Tools,
and Mouse.

C. Click Control Panel. Then, choose Classic View, Personalization, and Mouse.

D. Right-click on the desktop, choose Personalization, and then click the Mouse option.

16. Interactive tutorials are available to help you hone your troubleshooting skills. You can find
these tutorials

A. by clicking on Troubleshooting in the Control Panel.
B. on Microsoft’s Web site.
C. as options of Windows Help.
D. in accessory software.

17. In the Printers and Faxes window of Windows XP, you can obtain problem-solving assistance by selecting the _______ option.

A. Troubleshoot printing
B. Printing Assistance
C. Help with Printing
D. Windows XP Assistant

18. To view the Printer options in Vista and Windows 7, you should select

A. Display Properties.
B. System Repair.
C. System Management.
D. Hardware and Sound.

19. Which of the following best describes the Device Manager?

A. A list of programs loaded onto the hard disk
B. A set of rules associated with the operating system
C. A list of devices associated with the computer system
D. A set of users authorized to use the operating system

20. When a computer _______, it stores data in its memory and shuts down.

A. hangs
B. hibernates
C. freezes
D. crashes

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