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1. Two technicians are troubleshooting a modem. Theyre checking the

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1. Two technicians are troubleshooting a modem. They’re checking
the resource assignment settings. Technician A says that
because the computer has an internal modem, she has to
check the settings for the appropriate COM port. Technician B
says that, because it’s an internal modem, she needs to switch
to the Resources tab and compare the current settings with
those specified in the hardware manual. Which of the following
statements is correct?

A. Only Technician A is correct.
B. Only Technician B is correct.
C. Neither technician is correct.
D. Both technicians are correct.

2. You can change the amount of information displayed on the
monitor by modifying the _______ setting.

A. screen resolution
B. colors
C. monitor size
D. adapter

3. Which of the following tools would you use to configure a device that isn’t

A. My Computer
B. Troubleshooting Wizard
C. Add Hardware Wizard
D. Plug-and-Play Manager

4. When using Vista, which one of the following would allow you to access the System
Restore, General, and Computer Name tabs?

A. Printer Properties
B. System Properties
C. Add/Remove Programs
D. Sounds and Multimedia

5. _______ regroups separated areas of free disk space.
A. Disk Defragmenter
B. Control Panel
C. ScanDisk
D. Storage Troubleshooter

6. When using the Vista operating system, to view Device Manager, you must be in which

A. Classic
B. Category
C. Graphics
D. Virtual
7. Lorena says that you should use caution when modifying the settings in System
Properties because some settings changes can cause conflicts between devices. Jiyai
says that settings changes could damage a device or prevent your system from booting.
Who is correct about settings changes in System Properties?

A. Lorena only is correct.
B. Jiyai only is correct.
C. Both are correct.
D. Neither is correct.

8. A _______ offers interactive assistance with problems by asking the user to make
selections to describe the problem.

A. System Repair Tool
B. Troubleshooter
C. User Assistant
D. Helper option

9. When you’re using the Vista or Windows 7 operating system, you should select which
of the following to find the Back up option in the Control Panel?

A. Display Properties or System and Security
B. System Repair or System and Security
C. Device Manager or System and Security
D. System and Maintenance or System and Security

10. A serial port is typically designated by the letters


11. _______ can undo changes that have been made to your system.

A. Virtual Memory
B. Device Manager
C. System Restore
D. Video Replay

12. When using Windows XP, the Add a Printer option is located in the

A. Printers and Faxes window.
B. Control Panel window.
C. Device Manager dialog.
D. Add Hardware Wizard.

13. Which System Tool can fill up the holes that are created when deleting file space to
free up for other files?

A. Backup
B. Restore
C. Disk Cleanup
D. Disk Defragmenter

14. If you receive messages saying that your PC doesn’t have sufficient memory to run a
program, what should you do first?

A. Close all your programs and reboot.
B. Install more RAM.
C. Install more ROM.
D. Close the programs you don’t need, and close unneeded documents in the programs
you want to keep running.

15. Angel’s computer has been running slow. She views her hard drive and realizes she
needs to free up space. Which of the following System Tools will help her free up space
on her hard drive?

A. Ease of Access
B. Disk Cleanup
C. System Restore
D. Disk Defragmenter

16. When using Windows XP, the Display Properties dialog box would allow you to access
which of the following tabs?

A. Add Hardware
B. Sound Playback
C. Screen Saver
D. Accessories

17. Which of the following is a true statement about the System Monitor?

A. It helps you keep track of important system functions.
B. It creates a pie chart to describe the impact of system activities.
C. It displays the program’s progress using a bar graph.
D. It rearranges items on the hard disk to improve program functions.

18. When using Windows XP, to install a new modem or adjust modem settings, you must
click on the _______ icon.

A. Phone and Modem Options
B. Add New Modem
C. Port Settings
D. Diagnostics

19. Which of the following terms expresses the measurement of the screen area?

D. Pixels

20. You can check your hard drive for existing problems as well as potential ones using

A. System Scan.
B. Disk-check.
C. Error-checking.
D. Drive wizard.

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