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16) Institutions in the economy that help to match one

Customer Question

16) Institutions in the economy that help to match one person's saving with another person's investment are collectively called the __________.

A. financial system

B. banking system

C. Federal Reserve system

D. monetary system

18) There are two types of markets in which firms face some competition yet are still able to have some control over the prices of their products. The names given to these market structures are __________.

A. duopoly and imperfect competition

B. duopoly and triopoly

C. monopolistic competition and oligopoly

D. perfect competition and monopolistic competition

20) Game theory is important for the understanding of __________.

A. all market structures

B. monopolies

C. competitive markets

D. oligopolies

21) When, in a particular market, the law of demand and the law of supply both apply, the imposition of a binding price ceiling in that market causes quantity demanded to be __________.

A. double the quantity supplied

B. less than quantity supplied

C. greater than quantity supplied

D. equal to quantity supplied

25) The open-economy macroeconomic model includes __________.

A. neither the market for loanable funds or the market for foreign-currency exchange

B. only the market for foreign-currency exchange

C. only the market for loanable funds

D. both the market for loanable funds and the market for foreign-currency exchange

29) Having individuals actually do the job they are applying for as a test to see if they can do it is __________.

A. a formal means of screening candidates

B. an approach with high reliability

C. an informal means of screening candidates

D. an approach with low reliability

E. an approach with high face validity

31) __________ is the process of working with people and resources to accomplish organizational goals.

A. Supervising

B. Decision making

C. Controlling

D. Planning

E. Management

32) A manager's ability to stimulate people to be high performers is referred to as:

A. Staffing

B. Controlling

C. Leading

D. Planning

E. Organizing

39) The Aquatic Center, Inc. periodically reviews the goals of the company. During the process, The Aquatic Center managers analyze their current strategies as compared to their competitors, determine goals that they will pursue and decide upon specific actions for each area of the company to take in pursuit of these goals. The Aquatic Center managers have been engaged in the management function of:

A. Staffing

B. Organizing

C. Planning

D. Goal Coordination

E. Controlling

41) The pursuit of lucrative opportunities by enterprising individuals is called:

A. Social experimentation

B. Intrapreneurship

C. Independence

D. Business incubating

E. Entrepreneurship
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