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Chris M.
Chris M., M.S.W. Social Work
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1- Which of the following statements about essays is NOT

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<p>1- Which of the following statements about essays is NOT true? Someone who can write solid essays proves that he or she can communicate effectively with educated, adult readers. The word "essay" comes from the French word "essai," which means "attempt" or "excursion." When an essay is assigned on a very specific topic, the papers that receive a grade of "A" will be very similar in organization and content. Writing essays teaches a person the skills necessary for the increasingly complex writing assignments that he or she will face later in college and for applications in the world of work. 2- In establishing the rhetorical context, planning helps to determine two essential features: topic and subject. purpose and audience. language and style. past experience with writing. 3- The thesis statement: is always the last sentence in the introduction. is always the first sentence in the introduction. is one complete sentence. None of the above - The placement and length of the thesis can vary. 4_ _______ is the process of modifying what you have written so that it is more effective and economical. Revision Proofreading Reorganizing Rewriting 5_ The phrases "blind as a bat" and "the squeaky wheel" are examples of __________, which a writer should avoid in order to improve his or her writing. euphemisms figurative language clichés metaphors 6_ What can be used for "evidence" in an exemplification essay? Common knowledge Facts and statistics Quotations All of the above 7_ Transitions that a person would commonly find in a process analysis essay include: first, next, then, and finally. because, instead of, and for example. therefore, thus, and as a result. but, however, and on the other hand. 8- Which of the following is NOT a basic pattern of causal analysis? Multiple causes with one effect One major cause with several effects Classifications and/or definitions of problems Positive and negative outcomes of a proposed change 9_ In selecting a topic for a comparison/contrast essay, one must be sure to select subjects for comparison that are __________; in other words, the subjects must be suitable for comparison. unified balanced coherent organized 10 The following is an example of which logical fallacy? Sexual perversion is wrong because it is illegal. That's enough for me. Use of red herring Appeal to false authority Appeal to tradition Beg the question</p>

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