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What factors brought about the development of an American middle

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What factors brought about the development of an American middle class in the early nineteenth century? APA style 200-300 words.
The industrial boom after the Civil War was due to an open economic system that allowed Americans to profit from their own trade and inventions without being overly taxed. The boom was called free enterprise.

The Civil War had expanded the nations need for new manufactured goods. The arms and inventions that were created during the war were needed during the Westward Expansion and in the continuing battles with the Indians. The factories that made guns for the war would also make guns for the war on the frontier. Many war veterans joined the ranks of the calvary. As long as the arms need continued, the factories stayed open.

The railroad brought on cheap transportation. Every level of the travel industry reached a new height. Not only were the southern rails in of need of repair, but new rails were needed to lay tract to connect the East with the West. Prices for passage to the West dropped, and customers increased. Transportation was needed to relay supplies and people back and forth from the frontier towns. A rail line going through a frontier town meant instant success and an increase in population. The railroad helped put many little towns "on the map."

America experienced an unbridled time of capitalism and freedom. Americans were free because they accepted the responsibility for their own welfare. Americans also produced and invented more because they knew they would be rewarded for their labors. With this increase in prosperity, in wages, and in modern conveniences came an increase in leisure and an increase in the middle-class. The middle-class soon had as much as the rich class had in the previous age. It was an Industrial Revolution.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Sorry to bother you. But, can you send me the source for this information?

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