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SECTION 1 Q1 Compare and contrast the theories of Scientific

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SECTION 1 Q1 Compare and contrast the theories of Scientific Management with that of the Human Relations management approach. Q2 Do you think there is one best approach to management, or should managers adopt a variety of management styles? Explain your answer. Q3 Describe the impact of uncertainty and change on the individual and the organization. Q4 Discuss how changing environments impact on organizations. Give examples from your organization or from those you have read about. SECTION 2 1. ________ is defined as getting work done through others. (Points : 5) Management . Planning . Organizing .Strategizing . Controlling 2. A manager striving to improve organizational ____ is accomplishing tasks that help fulfill organizational objectives. (Points : 5) . efficiency . effectiveness . functionality . synergy . productivity 3. During the week of August 9 in 2004, Robert Rothschild Farm boosted morale and showed its gratitude to its 75 employees at its retail store, cafe, and production facility by hosting its first employee appreciation week. It used the management function of ____ to boost morale. (Points : 5) . leading . commanding . organizing . controlling . resource allocation 4. ____ is the accomplishment of tasks that help fulfill organizational objectives. (Points : 5) .Benchmarking .Optimizing . Satisficing . Efficiency . Effectiveness 5. One of the reasons for the slow response to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina was an antiquated FEMA system that was bogged down in bureaucratic red tape. In other words, the failure of assistance to arrive in a timely fashion was due to a lack of: (Points : 5) . apathy .efficiency . instrumentality . effectiveness . the absence of entropy 6. As the human resources manager for Spring Engineering and Manufacturing Corp. in Canton, Michigan, Kim Radeback had to find inexpensive ways to reward employees and bolster morale during a sales-flattening economic downturn. Radeback had to engage in which management function? (Points : 5) . planning . organizing . leading . controlling . evaluating 7. After six months as a manager, new managers typically believe their job is: (Points : 5) . to provide negative reinforcement . to exercise formal authority .to maintain control and avoid delegation . operational development . to solve problems for subordinates 8. Team leaders typically: (Points : 5) .conduct quality control audits . manage external and internal relationships . act as department liaisons . oversee strategy implementation 9. A first-line manager for a large electric generator manufacturer would: (Points : 5) . monitor how its customers feel about electric-powered engines .determine if the company needed to increase its production by adding another shift . monitor and manage the performance of the company's international subsidiaries . manage the performance of employees who actually build the generators 10. According to a speech to a forum for retail leaders made by Dr. Hans-Joachim Koerber, "Sustained growth is essential. Sustaining growth is a challenge for virtually every company." Koerber is the CEO of Metro Group, Germany's largest retailer, which has more than 2,400 stores in 30 countries. What informational role did Koerber assume? (Points : 5) . liaison . resource allocator . figurehead . negotiator . spokesperson
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