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Identify the defensive behavior from the Gibb categories

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Identify the defensive behavior from the Gibb categories that is illustrated by each of the given numbered disconfirming messages.

Then rewrite the statement so that it becomes a confirming message, conducive to creating a supportive climate. (The first one is done.) Control

1. Sue, turn that off! Nobody can study with all that noise! Sue, I’m having a hard time studying with that radio on.

_____________2. Did you ever hear such a tacky idea as a formal reception with cheap paper plates?

_____________3. That idea will never work.

_____________4. Oh, Hank, you’re so funny for wearing a printed shirt with those pants. Well, I guess that’s a man for you.

_____________5. Terry, you’re acting like a child.

_____________6. CLASS! BE QUIET!

_____________7. You may think you know how to handle the situation, but you really don’t have the experience. I know when something’s over your head.

_____________8. You have five minutes and that’s it. Now get to work!

_____________9. Whatever you decide will be okay with me.

_____________10. (Spoken to your roommate) Every time I turn around, you have some friend over here eating the food that I’ve purchased. You are such a mooch!


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