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An auditor for a medical insurance company selects a random

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An auditor for a medical insurance company selects a random sample of prescription drug claims for evaluation of correct payment by company experts. The claims were selected at random from a database of 387,900 claims by using uniform random numbers between 1 and 387,900. To verify that the random numbers really were from a uniform distribution, the auditor calculated the mean and standard deviation of the random numbers. What should the mean and standard deviation be if these were uniformly distributed random integers? (Do not include comma (,) while entering the answers. Round your answers to 1 decimal place.)
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  abozer replied 6 years ago.
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abozer :


abozer :

Mean = (1 + 387,900)/2
= 193950.5

abozer :

Standard deviation = squareroot((387,900-1)^2/12)
= 111976.8

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