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56. dimensions of risks include a. uncertainty about yesterdays

Resolved Question:

56. dimensions of risks include a. uncertainty about yesterdays outcome b. uncertainty about the future outcome c. the impossibility of the same return d. the certainty of a negative outcome. 57. ___________says that if you transfer risk to another party, you must offer a return that fully compensates for the amount of risk transferred. a. the principle of self-interested b. the behavior principle c. the principle of incremental benefits d. the risk-return trade off principle 58. _____________says to recognize the value of options contained in deriatives a the principle of comparitive advantage b. the principle of valuable ideas c. the options principle d. the capital market efficiency principle 59. A key variable covered in our text for the black-scholes OPM is____________ a. the riskless APR with continuous comounding b. transaction costs c. dividends d. EPS 60. The investment decision best addresses which of the following questions? a should we increase our advertising budget b. should we buy new equipment c. should we buy foreign currency d. should debt be short term 61. __________says to use deriatives to pay others to take risks. a the principle of self interested behavior b. the principle of two sided transactions c. the principle of time vallue of money d. the signaling principle
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 7 years ago.

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