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Hi Toneemarie-This is Natasha (LethalT) and you helped

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<p>Hi Toneemarie- This is Natasha (LethalT) and you helped me with an assignment on 6/17/10 and I was wondering if you could help out again. Here is the question: </p><p>You just left a meeting with your business development manager and are ready to get started on your new project of researching and profiling a target market for your company’s new low-cost personal laptop computer. The features of the new computer include word processing, financial programs, and some graphic capabilities. In marketing, you must answers 2 basic questions: (1) What are we selling? and (2) Whom are we selling to? At this point, you know what you are selling—the personal laptop computer. Now you have to determine whom you are selling to. One of the first steps in identifying a customer segment is to understand the demographics—including income, gender, and geographic locations—and psychographics, or lifestyle, of your targeted customer. The term profiling is another marketing P that can be incorporated into the 4 Ps of marketing (product, price, place, and promotion). Profiling enables the market researcher to identify possibilities for what your customer may want or need through a variety of research instruments such as surveys, questionnaires, and focus groups. In other words, you create a profile of your customer. As soon as you get back to your workstation, you request a meeting with your company’s Market Information Systems (MIS) department. You need its help in researching information to help you suggest 5 research questions for an e-mail survey that you will send out next month. These research questions are designed to give you data to analyze to incorporate into a promotional campaign at the end of the year. Also, the MIS department has a detailed database of previous, current, and prospective customers. To prepare for the meeting, you want to brainstorm what type of customer would most likely buy your product. This research creates the profile of your customer. Start building a brief presentation, titled "Know Your Customer." The presentation must include 8 content slides with 100 words of speaker notes per slide to share in your brainstorming meeting with MIS. Also, include your references on a final slide, using APA style. Your total presentation should include 10 total slides. Your 8 content slides will cover the following information: </p><p>•Slide 1: Who would be interested in buying our personal laptop? Consider the demographics of your target customer by listing gender, income levels, geographic location, age, and so forth. </p><p>•Slide 2: What are the psychographic elements of our targeted customer? Consider the lifestyles of your target group: for example, educated, computer literate/nonliterate, or enjoys/hates using a computer.</p><p> •Slide 3: Where should we sell the computer? Consider computer stores, department stores, specialty stores, and so on. </p><p>•Slide 4: When are customers most likely to buy our computers? Consider holiday season, as a gift, for personal use, and so forth. </p><p>•Slide 5: How will the customer use the computer? Consider for personal use only, homework, family use, artistic capabilities, and so on.</p><p>•Slide 6: Why would the customer buy the computer? Consider price, capabilities, and quality. </p><p>•Slide 7: After you answer the previous questions, create 5 profiling questions to include in the e-mail survey. The following are examples: </p><p>1.What is your annual family income? Circle one answer. 1.Under $25,000 2.Between $25,000 and $50,000 3.Between $50,000 and $75,000 4.Over $75,000 2.What do you consider the most important feature of a personal computer? 1.Reliability 2.Quality 3.Durability •Slide 8: Using the information you gathered from the first 6 slides, create the customer profile. This information and profile helps your marketing team understand whom they are speaking to in future advertising campaigns. For example: Our company’s customers appreciate product quality and are computer savvy. Our primary customers’ age range is 24–38 years, and they have an income of more than $50,000 per year </p><p>You did a wonderful job last time and I wanted to contact you first. If you are willing/able to help, please let me know. I almost forgot, this is due tomorrow by midnight(10pm here is Las Vegas). </p><p>Thank you! Natasha</p>

Hi Natasha. Is this project basically providing the 10 ppt slides with speaker notes?

If so I can work on this for Friday night.

thank you,



Looking forward to working with you, have a pleasant day o/

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Toneemarie-


Yes, that's right, the eight content slides with 100 words and a slide for references. If it didn't say in the assignment, the presentation needs to have at least two references.


Thank you so much for your help...AGAIN!!! Natasha

ok, working on it now.



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Toneemarie-


I was just wondering if you saw the question I posted for you yesterday. If you can assist me that is wonderful, however, if you can't, please let me know.


Thank you!