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What are the central tenants of Buddhism and Hinduism What

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What are the central tenants of Buddhism and Hinduism? What makes these religious traditions distinct from the other major world religions? Original answer ONLY please!
Hey, Helen,

As religious movements often do, one religion will spring out of the dissatisfaction with another. Hinduism is the mother religion and Buddhism is the child. Because of that relationship both religions had their origins tied to the growth of ancient India.

Siddhartha Gautama, a Hindu noble, believed their were too many evils in the life of luxury, so he left his wife to become a monk of poverty. He believed that this was the way to reach nirvana. His state of self-denial gave him a different perspective on life, or as he would say it, "I became enlightened." He became Buddha.

As one came from another so does each movement share similar views that are unique to these two religions and distinct from the other major world religions. The biggest central tenet of Hinduism and Buddhism is reincarnation. Each also has their own distinct kind of karma which eventually leads to perfection while going through a series of religious stages. Hinduism tends to focus on the primacy of wealth as it separates society in different castes. Buddhism focuses on impoverishment. Buddhism gradually moved away from India, and is now more found in the Pacific Rim Asian nations.
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Hi, Acedemic Tutor,


Excellent answer! I will accept this, as you did an excellent job on it. Do you have the references to cite the sources used? Thanks!



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I still need the references for this answer to accept it. Thanks!

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