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1. After Compaq Computer gathers information related to its

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1. After Compaq Computer gathers information related to its marketing environment, it attempts to define current environmental changes and predict future changes to determine possible opportunities and threats facing the company. This process is called: (Points: 5)
environmental scanning.
environmental analysis.

2. __________ competitors are the most significant to marketers because buyers typically see the different products of these firms as direct substitutes for each other. (Points: 5)

3. Which one of the following attributes of a Toyota Camry would be appropriate to emphasize in television commercials during an economic recession? (Points: 5)
Stereo system
Leg room

4. Which one of the following companies would probably be most interested in tracking discretionary income levels of its consumers? (Points: 5)
Safeway food stores
BMW automobiles
Gulf States Utilities
General Mills

5. Consumer protection legislation deals with all of the following areas except which one? (Points: 5)
Monopolistic practices
Sales of hazardous products
Consumer safety
Information disclosure

6. Which one of the following is the best example of utilizing technology to improve consumer relationships? (Points: 5)
Waiters recording orders on hand-held computers
Surveying customers to determine their needs
Responding to changes in competitors' prices
Introducing stringent packaging standards

7. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has demonstrated against the sale of coats made of animal furs. This group's efforts to change shoppers' attitudes represents a/an __________ force for fur retailers. (Points: 5)

8. XYZ, Inc. is evaluating its employees' wage and compensation package. XYZ is addressing which dimension of marketing citizenship and social responsibility? (Points: 5)

9. The close relationship between Home Depot's philanthropic efforts and its overall business goals is an example of: (Points: 5)
cause-related marketing.
strategic philanthropy.
strategic planning.
strategic marketing.

10. When marketers' activities deviate from accepted standards: (Points: 5)
customer dissatisfaction can occur.
marketing exchanges are helped.
consumers try to further their own interests.
it is viewed as a necessary part of doing business.

11. A cereal company advertises that its newest product can lower cholesterol even though the company cannot prove this claim. This situation likely involves an ethical issue related to which element of the marketing mix? (Points: 5)

12. In response to organizational pressure to perform, Barry used a deceptive sales tactic to obtain a major sales contract. He was surprised that not only was he not punished for his behavior, but in fact, he received a substantial bonus for securing the contract. If given the same opportunity in the future, Barry will most likely: (Points: 5)
report his employer to the industry's trade association.
express his discomfort with the situation to his supervisor.
not use the same sales tactic again, knowing it to be unethical.
use the same sales tactic again, knowing he got away with it.

13. Organizations that incorporate ethics and social responsibility into their strategic plans are likely to experience: (Points: 5)
improved marketing performance.
negative publicity.
reduced costs.

14. International marketing always involves: (Points: 5)
developing marketing strategies for the entire world or major regions of the world outside the domestic country.
developing and performing marketing activities across national boundaries.
exporting goods and services.
having firms with operations or subsidiaries located in many countries.

15. McDonald's markets beefless burgers in India because India's Hindu population considers the eating of beef to be taboo. This illustrates differences in: (Points: 5)
economic forces.
cultural and social forces.
technological forces.
political and legal forces.

16. Caterpillar would look to which of the following factors to determine how trade barriers would affect its ability to market construction equipment in various countries? (Points: 5)
Political, legal, and economic forces
Interpersonal forces
Social and technological forces
Technological and economic forces

17. Wal-Mart is currently expanding its stores into Canada and Mexico. This expansion is being facilitated by the: (Points: 5)
European Union.
North American Free Trade Agreement.
Pacific Rim Unification Act.
International Retail Alliance Association.

18. The president of Johnston Chemicals is very excited about the possibility of the firm's British subsidiary having access to all of the European Union. He realizes that it will be some time before this area truly becomes one market, primarily because of differences in which one of the following factors? (Points: 5)

19. Nuhitzu believes it has the technological expertise to produce communication systems that will be leaders around the globe. Boston Electronics is widely regarded as having excellent management systems and superior marketing programs. The two might form a/an __________ to work together on a worldwide basis. (Points: 5)
licensing agreement
export trading company
multinational enterprise
strategic alliance

20. Levi Strauss markets its blue jeans in many countries, developing its marketing strategy as if the world were a single entity. This approach to selling a standardized product in foreign countries represents which level of international marketing? (Points: 5)
Globalization of markets
Limited exporting

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