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1. Which of the following inventions opened new doors for early twentieth-century

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1. Which of the following inventions opened new doors for early
twentieth-century artists?
A. Paint tubes C. Nylon brushes
B. Air brushes D. Synthetic pigments
2. The Dadaist movement resulted in artworks that were
designed to promote
A. pleasure and relaxation.
B. anarchy and chaos.
C. World War II.
D. established moral values.
3. The artist most closely associated with the Impressionist
method is
A. Giverny. C. Manet.
B. Monet. D. Seurat.
4. Which aspect of art was explored in detail by the Pointillist painters?
A. Color theory C. Light and shadow
B. Shape theory D. Forced perspective
5. By which primitive art form was Pablo Picasso known to have been inspired?
A. Neolithic amulets C. Eskimo carvings
B. Ice age cave paintings D. African masks
6. Some of the consequences of the economic depression that devastated Germany
in the years following World War I are
A. portrayed in Picasso’s Guernica.
B. chronicled in the paintings of Otto Dix.
C. manifest in the gouaches of René Magritte.
D. the subject of Giorgio di Chirico paintings.
7. Caspar David Friedrich was fond of portraying the natural world in his paintings.
Which of the following English painters, like Friedrich, gloried in the grandeur and
power of nature?
A. Thomas Gainsborough C. Frederick Church
B. J. M. W. Turner D. Thomas Cole
8. Which of the following elements is not present in The Abduction of Rebecca by
Eugène Delacroix?
A. Pale colors C. Curved lines
B. Variation in brushstrokes D. Literary figures
9. Fundamental to the artistic credo and practice of the Fauvist painters was the
belief that
A. the design of a painting is determined by colors.
B. naturalistic colors take precedence over arbitrary colors.
C. academic forms and structures can’t be set aside in the name of color.
D. equilibrium in a painting is achieved through the use of Renaissance perspective.
10. Which of the following Postimpressionist painters had the greatest impact on
twentieth-century art?
A. Gauguin C. Seurat
B. Van Gogh D. Cézanne
11. Which of the following human values is forcefully expressed in the paintings and
lithographs of Edvard Munch?
A. Hope C. Delicacy
B. Nobility D. Honesty
12. Fine art prints from which of these countries influenced the development of twentiethcentury
A. China C. Japan
B. India D. Tahiti
13. Which of these artistic values is most apparent in the sculpture of Constantin Brancusi?
A. Purity C. Ornamentation
B. Sensuality D. Emotional expression
14. The Surrealists painters and Sigmund Freud were interested in exploring the dream
state. In that respect, their explorations are reminiscent of the artistic inquiries of
which of the following painters?
A. Renoir C. Picasso
B. Braque D. de Chirico
15. Which subject matter was a specialty of Jacques-Louis David?
A. Seascape C. Historical events
B. Nature scenes D. Peasant scenes
16. Gauguin isn’t regarded by art historians as a Fauvist painter. Like the Fauves,
however, Gauguin believed that
A. form follows function.
B. naturalistic forms and colors are inseparable.
C. colors in a painting are a function of emotional truths and not visual reality.
D. the reality of dreams takes precedence over conventional reality.
17. Which of these painters is well known for portraying scenes of French night life?
A. Gustave Courbet C. Claude Monet
B. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec D. Berthe Morisot
18. In his celebrated “Manifesto of Futurism,” Filipo Tomasso Marinetti expressed the
belief that
A. painting, but not sculpture, is not to be bound by traditional art theory.
B. art and technology are independent human expressions.
C. the traditional cultural forms and arts are valueless.
D. that sculpture should be regarded as the leading art form of the new century.
19. Magritte was concerned with making the spectator of an artwork conscious of the
limitations of signs, labeling, and language. In so doing, he challenged the spectator
to see with fresh eyes and without prejudice the everyday world about him. As such,
his works are reminiscent of those of
A. Adolphe Bouguereau.
B. Salvador Dali.
C. Claude Monet.
D. Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres.
20. Some people are perplexed by the meaning of Salvador Dali’s paintings because the
artist portrayed
A. irrational dream states.
B. religious doctrines in an arbitrary manner.
C. non-naturalistic machine images.
D. hallucinatory self-portraits.

Hello Customer,


Here are the answers to PF exam #06166300 for comparison with your own!

1. D

2. B

3. B

4. A

5. D

6. B

7. B

8. A

9. A

10. D

11. D

12. C

13. A

14. D

15. C

16. C

17. B

18. C

19. B

20. A


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Reread "Writing Summary Notes," "Writing Paraphrases,"

and "Avoiding Plagiarism" on pages 683-688. Also review

both the MLA and APA formats for citing Internet sources on

pages 729-734 and 745-747. Go to

Scroll down to the section Job Search Tools. Click Career

Advice from the bulleted list. Choose one of the following

articles: under Job Search: "Using Keywords in Your Job

Search"; under Getting Hired: "Why Should I Hire You?" or

"Five Ways to Negotiate a Better Job Offer . . . Despite the

Economy." Actively read and reread that article several times


Summary: Summarize the article. (1 paragraph, 3-5 sentences)

MLA format: Write an accurate citation for the article using

MLA format.

APA format: Write an accurate citation for the article using

APA format.


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