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1. What is most remarkable about the paintings of Pieter Breugel

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1. What is most remarkable about the paintings of Pieter
Breugel the Elder?
A. Innovative brush strokes
B. Daring compositional features
C. Medium used
4. One of the most significant achievements of Albrecht Dürer was to
A. write treatises on painting, perspective, and human proportions.
B. sketch from nature, studying its most delicate details.
C. travel to Italy to study the great works of the Italian Renaissance.
D. make the print a fine art form.
5. One of the primary consequences of the Council of Trent in art and architecture was that
A. Protestant art became more realistic.
B. Catholic art became increasingly two-dimensional.
C. Roman Catholic art concerned itself more with the spectator’s emotions.
D. The Catholic church strengthened its position as an art censor.
6. The Villa Rotunda has been a model for architects in every century since it was built in
the 1500s. This building was designed by
A. da Vinci. C. Palladio
B. Michelangelo D. Raphael
7. Giotto’s Lamentation in the Arena Chapel in Padua is remarkable primarily because
A. it’s one of the first religious oil paintings with real human figures.
B. the characters in the painting are presented as individuals.
C. Giotto painted it in one sitting and made no revisions to the completed work.
D. of the colors used to convey allegorical meaning.
8. Caravaggio’s taste for dramatic and theatrical effects is typical of
A. Rococo. C. Counter-Reformation.
B. Baroque. D. Neo-classicism.
9. Which artistic value is least apparent in Mannerist paintings?
A. Refined style C. Elegance
B. Meaningful distortion D. Moral message
10. Which of the following works of art did Michelangelo complete first?
A. The Creation of Adam C. David
B. Pietà D. Tomb of Pope Julius II
11. Which of these artistic values is most apparent in the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch?
A. Symbolism C. Idealism
B. Grazia D. Simplicity

D. Subject matter
2. Which of the following subjects would lend itself to the use of
the tenebroso manner of painting?
A. A boating scene on a bright summer day
B. A secret meeting between two conspirators
C. A flower garden in full bloom
D. A little girl on a swing in the sun
3. The fact that the figures in Leonardo da Vinci’s The Virgin of
the Rocks are arranged in a figure triangle gives the painting
A. structural strength.
B. immediate viewer appeal.
C. a strong sense of immediacy.
D. clear market value.
12. What quality do the paintings of Titian possess because of his use of the impasto
technique in painting?
A. Piety C. Sensuality
B. Restraint D. Religiosity
13. Descartes, Galileo, and Newton were great thinkers whose works are in harmony with
the ________ movement in the arts.
A. Renaissance C. Mannerist
B. Baroque D. Rococo
14. Bernini’s David, unlike Michelangelo’s, shows David
A. after he has killed Goliath. C. in motion.
B. at rest. D. as a young man.
15. Which of the following statements is the best definition of a triptych?
A. A painting on three panels
B. A painting with a figure triangle
C. A carving of the Holy Trinity
D. A representation of the Stations of the Cross
16. In the name of what Protestant movement were many of Hans Holbein’s religious
paintings destroyed?
A. Monotheism C. Iconoclasm
B. Agnosticism D. Papism
17. Even if we didn’t know anything about the artist who created Giovanni Arnolfini and His
Bride, it would be safe to say, after examining the surfaces represented in the painting,
that it was created by a
A. northern European. C. man.
B. southern European. D. woman.
18. Which device was not used by Caravaggio to create a theatrical effect in his paintings?
A. Bold brushstrokes C. Stark lighting
B. Dramatic gestures D. Dark shadows
19. In which of the following paintings has the artist included a portrait of himself?
A. Rembrandt’s Sortie of Captain Banning Cocq’s Company of the Civic Guard
B. Tintoretto’s The Last Supper
C. El Greco’s Purification of the Temple
D. Velázquez’ Las Meninas
20. In religious works of art, the Holy Ghost is often represented symbolically as a/an
A. angel. C. unicorn.
B. dove. D. star.

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Describe dissociative disorders in general several specific disorders of this kind by way of illustration. Contrast dissociative disorders with somatoform disorders,briefly explaining two such disorders.
How was factor analysis used to creat Hans Eysenck's trait theory of personality?
Briefly, in terms of human behavior, how would you define or explian latent learning?

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