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1.Which of the following best describes the unexpected level

Customer Question

1.Which of the following best describes the unexpected level of company sales based on a chosen marketing plan and an assumed marketing environment?
A. Company sales forecast
B. Sales quota
C. Company demand
D. Market potential
2) Data published by the government and data purchased from outside suppliers can improve the quality of a company's marketing intelligence efforts.
A. True
B. False
3) Which of the following is NOT a component part of total customer value?
A. Product value
B. Psychic value
C. Services value
D. Image value

4) Lowe's home improvement stores strive to have nicer, more knowledgeable salespeople, a better product selection, and to maintain an impeccable image. These are all part of improving the offer via _____________.
A. Reducing the buyer's nonmonetary costs
B. Increasing the service value
C. Reducing the product's monetary costs to the buyers.
D. Increasing total customer value
5) Which of the following is NOT an advantage of co-branding?
A. Might contribute to overexposure of the brand
B. Provides more opportunities with new customers
C. Generates additional sales from the existing target market
D. Helps position new products

6) Brands can play a number of specific roles within a company’s brand portfolio. For example, a __________ is positioned with respect to competitors’ brands so that more important and profitable brands retain their desired positioning.
A. Cash cow
B. Flanker
C. High-end, prestige brand
D. Low-end, entry level brand

7) When Apple introduced its popular iPod Nano model, it dropped its Mini iPod at the same time. The Mini was, at the time, the most popular mp3 player in the marketplace. This is an example of __________.
A. CEO Steve Job’s large ego
B. Product maturity
C. A brand shake-out
D. Preemptive cannibalization

8)zhao is advertising her import-export business and wants to find the most cost-effective way of delivering the desired number and types of message exposures to her target audience. zhao is considering her
A. creative development and execution
B. plan of attack
C. media selection
D. marketing plan
9)which of the following would not be considered part of a marketing communications program?
A.A sales promotion
B.An event sponsorship
C.Personal selling
D. Brand contact
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I have started working on this assignment. When is this assignment due?



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Please click here to download your answers.



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I cannot open the file. Can you resend it another way please

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