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For Expert Lani ony!! I need this by Wednesday July 12 5pm

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For Expert Lani ony!! I need this by Wednesday July 12 5pm central time. Please use APA style on sources. Thanks Lani Here is the directions: You are a correctional officer at the state prison. One of the inmates reveals to you his knowledge of the whereabouts of contraband in your facility. You promise the inmate — who has deceived you twice earlier — not to tell authorities about his involvement if he reveals the location of the contraband. After he provides you with the information, you hand him over to the authorities.

Using the concept of paradigms of laws and Kant's ethical formalism, write a
two-page justification report. In your report, include:

The paradigm of law your actions define and give reasons.

A justification of whether you lied to the inmate.

How you treated the inmate — explaining whether you treated the inmate with respect.

An explanation of whether the actions would be considered universally acceptable.

An analysis of whether this is a form of retributive justice with reasons to support your analysis.

An analysis of Kant's Ethical Formalism in view of the given scenario and the paradigms of law.

Where appropriate, use bulleted lists, headings, bold type, and graphs or tables to enhance your communication.
Here is a website that may help:
Thanks for requesting me. So this is an integration of philosophy and criminal justice. Interesting, will be working on this.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Lani I put the wrong date on this when I need it. I need it either by tonight or tomorrow night. thanks

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks Lani did you see my new question??
Yes, I think I already posted a reply there.