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Looking for two deductive arguments in favor of the death penalty

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<p>Looking for two deductive arguments in favor of the death penalty and two inductive arguments against the death penalty. I also need APA format citing 2 scholarly sources. I would also like these arguments to be labeled so it will help me learn the difference.</p><p>I better restate this better. I need 1 deductive and 1 inductive argument for both in favor and against the Death Penalty. Still need APA format 2 cites also labeled</p><p> </p>

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

This is my fault because I should have been more specific. I probably should have geared the question to the legal community as I was looking for actual legal arguments using deductive and inductive augments as in empirical studies or case law that would have supported the premises and conclusion.


My fault. I am going to accept the answer as I may be able to adapt it to my research as a general example so please allow this as private.


Thanks for your prompt reply. You clearly know your stuff. My question was pretty weak. Sorry about that. Believe it or not, I may be able to work this into research I have already done. Thanks again!

Oh, aren't you nice!!! I'm sorry that I can't help with case law. But as you say, the general principles still apply. The deductive argument would be the one from the eighth amendment. The *only* point of contention is the minor premise: whether capital punishment fits the definition of "cruel and unusual". The major premise (that cruel and unusual punishment is unconstitutional) is not debatable, and therefore neither is the conclusion IF you accept the minor.

As for the inductive arguments: all you need is one case showing that an innocent person was convicted of murder - even better if they were executed, but even if they were sentenced to a long imprisonment. That makes up an "anti-death penalty" argument.

Kind regards,