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Your roommate becomes depressed after he learns that his significant

Resolved Question:

Your roommate becomes depressed after he learns that his significant other has been cheating on him. He skips class for the next week. His behavior would fall under which category of abnormal behavior?
Physically damaging
Lost touch with reality
Interferes with ability to function
All of the above

For several days, Joe has been crying periodically and has had difficulty sleeping and eating. His behavior
would definitely be considered normal.
would definitely be considered abnormal.
would be difficult to categorize as normal or abnormal without knowing the cause of his behavior.
is not relevant to a judgment of normality/abnormality.

A schizophrenic patient refuses to leave his home because he claims that the government is monitoring his thoughts using tiny microwave transmitters hidden inside traffic signals. This behavior would be considered evidence of
loss of touch with reality.
interference with the ability to function.
Neither a) nor b).
Both a) and b).

4. Clare has entered the manic phase of bipolar disorder. She has trouble sleeping and has gotten herself into financial trouble by buying a car that she cannot really afford. Despite these problems, Clare feels as though she is on top of the world. Clare's behavior would be considered evidence of
emotional suffering.
loss of touch with reality.
a physically damaging action.
None of the above.

Disorders such as Major Depression, Schizophrenia, and Bulimia Nervosa are classified as ________disorders.
Axis I
Axis II
Axis III
Axis IV

Personality disorders are different from Axis I disorders in which way(s)?
They tend to persist for long periods of time, often lasting a lifetime.
They are difficult to treat.
Both a and b.
Neither a nor b.

7. Axis III information would help a psychologist to
Determine if Susan had a personality disorder or a psychotic disorder.
Determine if Bill's recent depressive state was preceded by a recent divorce.
Determine if Elizabeth's panic attacks were sparked by memories of her deceased father.
Determine if Tom's hallucinations were associated with a brain tumor.

8. Axis V assessment directly examines a person's
Overall level of functioning.
Propensity to lie about symptoms.
Ability to distinguish reality from delusional thought
General physical health.

9. The DSM-IV can be used for diagnosing psychological disorders:
By anyone who has completed a relevant course in psychology.
By anyone who purchases the book and carefully reads its entire contents.
By qualified mental health professionals who have had extensive education and training.
By individuals who have completed a medical degree.

10. Research shows that children with ______________ are oversensitive to sensory stimulation and have trouble integrating multiple sources of sensory information, such as sight, sound, and touch.
conduct disorder
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 7 years ago.

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