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1. Paolo sees that no one else taking his psychology course

Resolved Question:

1. Paolo sees that no one else taking his psychology course brings their textbooks to class, so he stops bringing his. This type of conformity is based on __________.
downward comparison
attribution error
explicit obedience

2. Social psychologists speculate that one reason soldiers blindly follow orders to harm or kill people is that they __________.
view the authority figure as weak and undeserving of his or her superior position
feel a personal closeness to and empathy for the victim
feel relatively guiltless because the authority figure is ultimately responsible
view the authority figure as incompetent and ineffective

3. The tendency to attribute others' behavior to dispositional causes and underestimate the importance of a situation is called the
Halo effect.
Self-serving bias.
Fundamental attribution error.
Assumed similarity bias.

4. A stranger goes straight to the front of a long line waiting to speak with a customer service representative at a department store. In applying the fundamental attribution error, you would most likely think
that stranger is a rude person.
that stranger must have an emergency
that stranger didn't notice the line of other customers waiting.
that stranger was told by another employee to go straight to the front of the line.

5. We are most likely to apply the fundamental attribution error to ___________ and least likely to apply it to ___________
a stranger; ourselves.
ourselves; a stranger.
ourselves; a friend.
a friend; a stranger.

informational social influence

6. Stereotypes are
generalized beliefs about particular social groups.
positive or negative attitudes regarding a person based solely on one's membership in a group.
a negative or positive action toward a person based on their membership in a social group.
all of the above.

7. A danger of using stereotypes is that
they often oversimplify the world.
they cause us to view people not as individuals but rather as typical group members.
both A and B.
neither A nor B.

8. A common stereotype regarding people with mental illness is that
they are well educated.
they are highly successful.
they are usually women.
they are irrational.

9. Which of the following is a stereotype?
Gunther promotes only Caucasians to high-ranking positions in his company.
Megan believes that Tiffany (an African-American female) must be a good athlete.
Zoe chooses five females to work on her group project even though there are eleven males and seven females in the class.
Clarence feels quite uncomfortable around older people.

10. Which of the following is true regarding stereotypes?
People form stereotypes only of disadvantaged groups.
Stereotypes usually do not influence our attitudes.
Stereotypes are more dangerous to groups with relatively low power in society.
Stereotypes are basically harmless.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 7 years ago.

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