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Music Appreciation - Final Exam Part 1 1. Which of the

Resolved Question:

Music Appreciation - Final Exam Part 1:

1. Which of the following composers wrote The Four Seasons?

A. Bach
B. Handel
C. Verdi
D. Vivaldi

2. Every mass political movement since the _______ has had its songs.

A. French Revolution of 1789
B. Civil War
C. Revolutionary War
D. Renaissance

3. The music of the Baroque period is usually characterized by

A. restraint and reverence.
B. clarity and lightness.
C. extravagance and ornamentation.
D. simplicity and elegance.

4. Verdi uses three distinct types of melody in La Traviata, Act 1: declamatory, virtuosic, and

A. lyrical.
B. twelve tone.
C. staccato.
D. ostinato.

5. The instrument that usually has the leading role in a piano trio is the

A. piano.
B. viola.
C. violin.
D. cello.

6. A _______ is a duple-meter dance associated with square dancing.

A. stomp
B. corrido
C. broadside
D. hoedown

7. A _______ scale consists of five notes.

A. shaded
B. major
C. pentatonic
D. monotonic

8. The Renaissance period in musical history lasted from about

A. 1425 to 1600.
B. 1650 to 1750.
C. 1450 to 1750.
D. 1500 to 1789.

9. Which of the following is a traditional Indian instrument?

A. Pipa
B. Ud
C. Sitar
D. Tombak

10. Henri wants to indicate in the musical score that all the instruments should play. What word will he write in the score?

A. Coda
B. All
C. Da Capo
D. Tutti

11. The Broadway musical is descended from the

A. recitative.
B. operetta.
C. oratorio.
D. aria.

12. The estampie and the saltarello are two forms of

A. medieval dances.
B. Italian musical instruments.
C. syllabic text-setting.
D. African musical instruments.

13. The term _______ refers to the variety of short piano forms comprising Frederic Chopin's repertory.

A. character piece
B. ballad
C. impromptu fantasy
D. arial

14. Alphonsus wants to include unified timbre in part of his cantata. How will this be accomplished?

A. The orchestra will play in unison while the chorus sings in harmony.
B. The instruments in the orchestra will play the same notes that the chorus is singing.
C. The violins will have a solo and will all play harmony notes.
D. The chorus will sing in unison while the orchestra plays an accompaniment.

15. _______ is a joining of two influences, European and African.

A. Rhythm and blues
B. Blues
C. Jazz
D. Hip hop

16. The character of a sound is referred to as its

A. pitch.
B. line.
C. texture.
D. timbre.

17. The result of the fusion of rhythm and blues and honky tonk was

A. jazz.
B. hip hop.
C. reggae.
D. rock 'n' roll.

18. The term melody refers to a pattern of

A. tempos.
B. instruments.
C. notes.
D. beats.

19. The text of an opera is called the

A. vibrato.
B. libretto.
C. buffa.
D. program.

20. A/An _______ is an unstaged opera on a sacred topic.

A. cantata
B. chorus
C. coronation
D. oratorio
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Science Guy replied 6 years ago.

Hello. I have provided answers to your questions below.

1. D. Vivaldi

2. D. Renaissance

3. C. extravagance and ornamentation.

4. A. lyrical.

5. A. piano.

6. D. hoedown

7. C. pentatonic

8. A. 1425 to 1600.

9. C. Sitar

10. D. Tutti

11. B. operetta.

12. A. medieval dances.

13. A. character piece

14. C. The violins will have a solo and will all play harmony notes.

15. C. Jazz

16. D. timbre.

17. D. rock 'n' roll.

18. C. notes.

19. B. libretto.

20. D. oratorio

I hope this is useful. If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Expert:  Science Guy replied 6 years ago.

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