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The availability heuristic suggests

Resolved Question:

1. The availability heuristic suggests that
We categorize information based on how representative it is of a stereotype.
We judge the probability of an event on the size of the competing sample.
We base the frequencies of events on the ease to which information regarding that event comes to mind.
We use others' responses to questions if they are available to us.

People use heuristics because
They save us time.
They save us cognitive energy.
They often lead to correct responses.
All of the above.

Ellen's best friend won the lottery with the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. Now, Ellen buys a lottery ticket every day choosing these same numbers, because she is convinced that she too will win. What error in judgment is Ellen making?
The likelihood of the same numbers winning again is significantly less than other number combinations.
Rare but highly memorable events that come to mind easily act so as to increase our beliefs they will happen again even when they don't.
Ellen is mistakenly relying on the consistency heuristic and should pick different numbers each day.
Ellen is basing her decisions on too large a sample size.

Which of the following is an example of the availability heuristic?
Bill's brother is injured in the bathtub, so Bill will only take showers, because he is afraid that bathtubs are unnecessarily dangerous.
John meets a person named Summer who has blond hair and a tan. Summer is a vegetarian and likes to surf. John assumes Summer is from California.
Gil puts two red balls and two blue balls in a bag. Blindfolded, he pulls out the first ball and it is red. Gil assumes the next ball he will pull out of the bag will be blue.
Matt is 5 feet 6 inches tall and his wife, Tammy, is 5 feet 3 inches tall. Matt is convinced that their son Jake will be at least 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Which aspect of human language suggests that language is an innate human characteristic?
language is symbolic
language is structured
among all species, only humans use communication
language is universal in human societies

The innate mechanism proposed by Noam Chomsky, that facilitates the learning of language is the
learning addition appliance
language acquisition device
evolutionary acquisition device
syntax accrual device

Babies in the early babbling stage of language development are able to produce _____ sounds than are used in their native languages.

Which theory of language acquisition suggests that imitating siblings, peers, and the television leads to language learning?
Nativist Theory
Conditioning Theory
Sociocultural Theory
Humanistic Theory

Results from studies in which researchers have attempted to each chimpanzees to use non-verbal communication (like Kanzi) indicate that
chimps are incapable of acquiring non-verbal communication
some chimps have appeared to learn many words, and have combined words in appropriate ways
chimps are capable of learning language to a level equivalent to that seen in 10-year-old human children
chimps can use non-verbal methods to communicate with other chimps, but not with humans
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