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EXAMINATION NUMBER XXXXXXXXXXX 1. Company X recently organized

This answer was rated:

1. Company X recently organized a group of individuals
representing multiple nationalities to develop marketing
strategies for the introduction of a new product around the
world. This group is an example of a _______ team.
A. multinational C. transfunctional
B. multicultural D. transnational
2. In a large metropolitan area, a meeting was held for members
of boards of directors in Fortune 500 corporations in that area.
Approximately 450 people attended the meeting. According to
current statistics, how many of these individuals were women?
A. 14 C. 180
B. 59 D. 225
3. Jacob Freeman, a bank teller, was recently evaluated by his superior. The evaluation was
based solely on the number of new accounts Jacob had opened and excluded other
important factors. This evaluation suffers from
A. criterion contamination. C. criterion deficiency.
B. lack of reliability. D. lack of relevance.
4. An appraiser who consistently gives her employees a rating of 4 or 5 on a 5-point scale is
committing a _______ error.
A. leniency C. recency
B. similar-to-me D. contrast
5. “Employees taking this recycling training will be able to identify the types of paper that can
be recycled by the organization.” This statement is an example of a/an
A. task analysis. C. instructional objective.
B. competency assessment. D. benchmark.
6. The firm transferred Hobson from the United States to a management position in the Salerno
office. The transfer didn’t work out. Of the following, what was the most likely reason?
A. Hobson didn’t learn the culture.
B. Hobson’s wife couldn’t adapt to the new country.
C. Staff members in Salerno wouldn’t cooperate.
D. Mastering the language proved too difficult
7. Entry Point is a program designed to place disabled individuals in
A. appropriate colleges. C. government jobs.
B. science and engineering internships. D. graduate schools.
8. Briggs Company, an American multinational corporation, hired an employee from Italy to
work in its office in Rome. This employee is referred to as a/an
A. host-country national. C. expatriate.
B. international manager. D. third-country national.
9. Which of the following is an example of an internal customer?
A. Someone who purchases stock in the company
B. The committee that hires a caterer for the company’s annual holiday party
C. A buyer who relies on the accuracy of inventory from her company’s warehouse
D. A retailer with whom the company has an exclusive contract
Examination, Lesson 3 133
10. Sue Smith is an HR manager in charge of creating a team to design a career development
plan. Whom should she invite to participate?
A. Plant supervisors and plant managers
B. Plant employees and plant supervisors
C. HR managers and plant managers
D. Plant employees and HR managers
11. What is one potential problem in using peer appraisals?
A. The information on such appraisals isn’t as accurate as that on manager appraisals.
B. If information isn’t kept confidential, it may result in conflicts among employees.
C. Peers often give their fellow employees high ratings on the appraisal forms.
D. Peer appraisals provide too many conflicting opinions.
12. It’s common knowledge by the sales staff at New Age Communications that “You’re only as
valuable as last week’s sales figures.” Which performance appraisal method is most likely
used by New Age Communications managers?
A. Behavior method C. Productivity measures
B. Critical incident method D. Management by objectives
13. Carla is a fair employee who works in a department with people who have been on the job
for many years and have become very proficient. When Carla’s supervisor evaluates her,
he tends to give her a low rating because she doesn’t perform as well as others in her
department. Carla’s supervisor is committing a _______ error.
A. leniency C. recency
B. contrast D. central tendency
14. Following the country clusters patterns studied by Ronen and Shenkar, a U.S. corporation
could most confidently train an expatriate manager to work in
A. Denmark. C. Brazil.
B. Russia. D. Indonesia.
15. Linda Dawson is a Web site manager in a medium-sized teaching hospital. She’s interested
in e-mentoring. Which of the following Web sites would be the most helpful to her?
A. Women Connect
B. NursingNet
C. Advancing Women
D. Women in Technology International
16. Which of the following statements is accurate regarding unions in Europe and the
United States?
A. Unions in the United States have more political power than those in most
European countries.
B. The power of European unions, more so than U.S. unions, has been blamed for hurting
C. American unions have been in existence longer than European unions.
D. European unions typically negotiate at the local level rather than the national level.
17. The four activities listed below are vital steps in developing a training program. Which one
should be done first?
A. Create a suitable training environment.
B. Select the proper training method.
C. Determine



Here are the answers for comparison with your own.

1. D

2. B
3. C
4. A
5. C
6. B
7. B
8. A
9. C
10. C
11. B
12. C
13. B
14. A
15. D
16. B
17. D
18. D
19. B
20. C


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks so much for your help! My answers matched most of yours. Your score was a 100%. Would you like to answer some more? This is my last work assignment. Please let me know.


1. A supervisor wrote the following note to be placed in an

employee's file.

On May 12, 2007, at 3:01 P.M., XXXXX XXXXX punched the time

card of XXXXX XXXXX. The incident occurred at the Bridgeville

plant and was witnessed by XXXXX XXXXX and XXXXX XXXXX. Joe

admitted he "clocked out" for Mary and said she had to leave

early for a doctor's appointment and didn't want to lose two

hours' pay. This is the first infraction for Joe, and this written

warning is sufficient action at this time. A second written notice

within three months of this date would necessitate Joe losing

one-half of a day's pay.

What important piece of information did Joe's supervisor omit

from this note?

A. Joe's explanation to his supervisor

B. Any prior discussion with Joe

C. Follow-up date

D. How Joe's actions affected his performance

2. During an organizing campaign, your employer made the following statements. Which

one of these statements is absolutely prohibited under federal labor laws?

A. "This union went on strike six times last year, and each time the strike lasted

over two months. Can you afford to take that chance?"

B. "You already get more vacation than the union shops in this area."

C. "The union leader was charged with stealing the pension money."

D. "I was going to promote you next month. You can forget about it if you vote

for the union."

3. The Service Employees Union is negotiating a new contract with Ciao XXXXX XXXXX

The union wants language in the contract that prevents servers from having to vacuum the

restaurant at closing, a task they're currently required to perform. The union is challenging

Ciao Bella's

A. guaranteed rights. C. management prerogatives.

B. contracted provisions. D. provisional security.

4. The purpose of a process audit is to determine whether

A. the HPWS should be modified to meet new business needs.

B. all the internal elements of the work system complement each other.

C. the implementation of the HPWS was successful.

D. the work system supports the organization's goals and strategies.

5. One way in which unions have attempted to increase their memberships is by

A. lobbying for changes in labor laws.

B. merging national unions to gain strategic power.

C. organizing more low-wage service workers.

D. hiring individuals highly committed to the labor movement.

6. What term describes the processes for handling employee complaints in a nonunion shop?

A. Alternate dispute resolution C. Grievance mediation

B. Expedited arbitration D. Disciplinary action

7. The NLRB defines the subjects that are open for negotiation in the collective bargaining

process. Into which category would discussions about implementing a differential piece

rate plan fit?

A. Permissive C. Optional

B. Mandatory D. Illegal

8. Joe belongs to the bargaining unit but not to the union in an agency shop. As a result, he

A. won't be represented by the union.

B. will have to pay union dues.

C. negotiates through a governmental agency.

D. will be terminated.

9. Employees of Esteem-Ware have accused their employer of unfair labor practices. Their

union urges all its members across the country not to shop at L-Mart stores, because

L-Mart sells Esteem-Ware. The union is urging a

A. strike. C. boycott.

B. picket. D. lock out.

10. Which one of the following pieces of legislation was enacted to restrain the power of


A. Wagner Act C. Taft-Hartley Act

B. Norris-LaGuardia Act D. Landrum-Griffin Act

11. In relation to an HPWS, what does the phrase building a business case for change mean?

A. Getting employees involved early in the change process

B. Getting a top management champion for the change

C. Using employee surveys to determine the area where change is most needed

D. Using available information to prove that change is needed

12. Which one of the following statements most clearly defines the underlying theory of

recruitment in an HPWS?

A. It's most important to hire applicants who want to work on teams.

B. When more money is spent to recruit the best people, more money is saved later.

C. Hire people who are willing to train continuously and you'll have the most skilled workers.

D. Teams are more productive when the employees choose to work together instead of

being assigned.

13. The employees and management of Particular Electric Company are trying to hammer out

a new contract. Neither side wants to give an inch. The employees know that a prolonged

strike at this particular time will hurt the company's botXXXXX XXXXXne, cause it to lose the favor

of several important politicians, and affect many families in the community where the

business is located. Strike possibilities increase the _______ of the employees.

A. bargaining power

B. mediation

C. public opinion

D. arbitration

14. When is the ideal time for management to prepare a bargaining book for use in contract


A. Six months before the current contract ends

B. As soon as a strike is threatened

C. Right after the current contract is finalized

D. Upon receiving notice of the union's intent to negotiate

15. A motive for forming unions closely related to the higher average educational level of

today's employees is the desire for

A. higher wages. C. social affiliation.

B. better benefits. D. employee empowerment.

16. The employee complaint process most similar to a grievance procedure under a union

contract is the

A. open-door policy. C. peer-review system.

B. hearing officer complaint system. D. step-review system.

17. XXXXX XXXXX is a supervisor in a company that just recently ratified a new union. You can

expect her to receive training in

A. reverse harassment. C. just cause discharge guidelines.

B. mediation. D. due process.

18. One bargaining unit of Acme Cyber-widgets consist of

A. those appointed by management. C. the board of directors.

B. business office employees and sales staff. D. assembly line workers.

19. Which of the following statements is true about a mediator?

A. The mediator is a full-time employee

B. The mediator gets both sides to work together.

C. The mediator's decision on an employee complaint is final.

D. The mediator does the same thing as an arbitrator.

20. Maria Elena Foods has its home office in Chicago and a processing plant in Chile. The

local man who manages the plant is known as a/an

A. expatriate. C. registered alien.

B. host-county national. D. third country citizen.



What is the number of this exam?


-Chris M.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Lesson 4.

Exam: 41285000


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