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For each of the following scenarios, identify the unconditioned

Resolved Question:

For each of the following scenarios, identify the unconditioned stimulus (UCS), the conditioned stimulus (CS), the unconditioned response (UCR), and the conditioned response (CR). Your responses should be very brief…a single word or two should do it!

1. Suzy goes outside to play in her tree house. A swarm of bees has nested near her tree house and she gets stung when she climbs up to the tree house. This happens 3 times in a week. Suzy becomes afraid to go near the tree house and cries violently when her dad tries to get her to climb up to the tree house.

2. Jerry’s wife, Mary, gets a new nightgown and wears it whenever she is in the mood for sexual relations. After a month, the sight of the nightgown alone is enough to excite Jerry.

3. A couple goes to a movie on their first date and they have a wonderful time, eventually getting married. Whenever they see this movie on the late-night show, they get a tender feeling and think about each other.

Part 2 Instructions: For each of the following scenarios, determine whether positive or negative reinforcement or punishment is being used to modify the target’s behavior.

4. A college professor wants to stop students from skipping her class so she takes 10 points away from their final total for each class session they skipped.
Reinforcement or Punishment:
Positive or Negative:

5. A mother of a toddler wants to make sure her son (who HATES vegetables!) eats his vegetables so for every carrot he eats, she takes one broccoli away from his plate.
Reinforcement of Punishment:
Positive or Negative:
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 7 years ago.

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