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1. Adam Smith would agree that government should A. limit

Resolved Question:

1. XXXXX XXXXX would agree that government should
A. limit or restrict monopolies.
B. forbid monopolies.
C. levy high taxes.
D. encourage production of the products people
need most.

2. You’re preparing a contingency table that shows the relationship
between two variables—race and voting participation. The one
you’ll call your dependent variable is the one you’re trying to
A. measure. C. explain.
B. observe. D. operationalize

The tragedy of the commons can fairly be said to _______ problems involving collective
A. represent most C. represent all
B. represent a few D. misrepresent all

4. To conduct empirical studies, researchers tacitly (unquestioningly) assume that
A. the order in nature is both obvious and proven.
B. nature is orderly, although this cannot be proven.
C. there may be hidden sources of truth.
D. anyone may make errors, but any reasoned conclusion will be true.

5. Consider this proposition: As competition between companies increases in an industry,
consumers benefit from lower prices. If the proposition was made into a hypotheses, the
dependent variable would be
A. companies. C. prices.
B. competition. D. consumers.

6. The first steps in the development of law were related to the
A. establishment of Roman law.
B. identification of the state with the role of victim.
C. enforcement of laws by agents of the state.
D. organization of established socially endorsed rules.

7. Agricultural societies, with their larger populations and a more complex division of labor,
made voluntary cooperation more vital
A. and easier to accomplish.
B. while encouraging social class equality.
C. and more difficult.
D. while discouraging violent anarchy.

8. Saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and learning to recite the Gettysburg Address
and the Preamble to the Constitution are aimed at encouraging U.S. citizens to _______
the state.
A. understand C. be obedient to
B. fear D. identify with

9. The approach to the study of politics that relies heavily on ideas drawn from economics
is called
A. political behavior. C. social philosophy.
B. political philosophy. D. public choice.
10. In the prisoner’s dilemma game, as set forth in your text, you’ll serve half as much time
in jail
A. if you confess, regardless of what your partner does.
B. if your partner confesses.
C. if you don’t confess, but your partner does.
D. if neither of you confesses.

11. Governments must attempt to accomplish several minimal functions because _______
cannot bring about the desired outcomes.
A. unreasonable groups
B. individuals, being irrational,
C. rational individuals acting together
D. people of reason acting alone

12. You’re constructing a table to represent the hypothesis that educational level increases
according to the level of a person’s social class. The variable in this case is education.
“Completed less than high school,” “completed high school,” and “completed college or
higher” are the three
A. secondary variables. C. measures.
B. values. D. units of analysis.

13. Aristotle argued that a government should
A. improve morality.
B. preach moral virtue.
C. refrain from judgments about morality.
D. differentiate morality and law.

14. To the extent that political science can _______ political events and depend on empirical
observation and measurement, political science is a science like other sciences.
A. interpret C. forecast
B. report D. record

15. Mancur Olson argues that with the rise of a society of farmers, _______ for one class of
people to dominate another class.
A. it became impossible C. it was lucrative
B. it was necessary D. it was no longer necessary
We conduct a survey and collect a representative sample of 87 college students. Looking
at our collected data in a simple contingency table, we consider the values of two variables,
Gender and No Guns. The second variable measures attitudes on a gun-control
measure with three possible responses: Agree, Undecided, and Disagree. Our hypothesis
is as follows:Women are more likely to support a measure controlling access to handguns
than are men.

16. The unit of analysis in comparing the two variables will be
A. individuals. C. attitudes about gun control.
B. guns. D. either males or females.

17. The number of values for the dependent variable must be
A. three. C. two or three.
B. two. D. determined.

18. Any hypothesis that specifies relationships between two or more variables is a(n)
A. operation. C. theory.
B. deduction. D. statement.

19. Because of an appeal to the State of Oregon made by the elderly woman whose story is
recounted in “Taken to the Cleaners,” an 84-year-old woman

A. may lose her commercial building.
B. will lose her home.
C. must pay half the cost of environmental damage.
D. has had her confidence restored.

20. Which of the following is a correct statement about the principle of stare decisis?
A. The principle of stare decisis places the monarch’s judgments above the law.
B. The principle of stare decisis requires a judge to consider previous cases.
C. The principle of stare decisis places the monarch’s judgments within the law.
D. The principle of stare decisis supersedes the principles of case law.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 7 years ago.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Seven of the answers you gave was incorrect, I had already done the work I just was not sure if they all were correct. I used your answers to change mine and got them wrong.

2. Wrong
13. Wrong
14. Wrong
15. Wrong
16. Wrong
18. Wrong
19. Wrong

These answers cause me to fail this assignment
Thank you so much for your help
Expert:  Chris M. replied 7 years ago.



So sorry for the incorrect answers. I have gone over these and submit the following as corrections:


2. C. explain.

13. A. improve morality.

14. C. forecast

15. C. it was lucrative

16. D. either males or females.

18. D. statement.

19. refer to the text on this one


Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

-Chris M.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you very much, for resmitting these to me that was nice of you.

Have a nice day.

Expert:  Chris M. replied 7 years ago.



You're very welcome. Check your text and let me know if you have any further questions before resubmitting your exam.