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41 If a firm gives up the cash discount on goods purchased

Resolved Question:

41 If a firm gives up the cash discount on goods purchased on credit, the firm should pay the bill
A) as late as possible
B) as soon as possible
C) before the credit period ends
D) on the last day of the credit period

42 Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) is a descriptive label for
A) operating profits
B) net profits before taxes
C) earnings per share
D) gross profits

43 Which of the following is NOT a variable cost?
A) Materials used
B) Rent
C) Delivery Costs
D) Direct labor

44 At the operating breakeven point, ___________ equals zero.
A) sales revenue
B) fixed operating costs
C) variable operating costs
D) earnings before interest and taxes.

45 A firm has fixed operating costs of $150,000, total sales of $1,500,000, and total variable costs
of $1,275,000. The firm's operating breakeven point in dollars is
A) $150,000
B) $176,471
C) $1,000,000
D) $1,425,000

46 In a __________, the lessor acts as an equity participant suppplying part of the necessary capital
while a lender supplies the remaining balance
A) direct lease
B) leveraged lease
C) sale-leaseback
D) capital lease

47 Advantages of leasing from the lessee's perspective include all of the following EXCEPT
A) capability of effectively depreciating land.
B) ability to avoid restrictive covenants that are normally part of a long term loan
C) benefit of the salvage value at the end of the term of the lease reverts to the lessor
D) 100 percent financing

48 All of the following must be considered when making a lease-versus purchase decision EXCEPT
A) the after tax cash flows for each year under the lease alternative
B) the after tax cash flows for each year under the purchase alternative
C) the present value of all cash flows
D) the depreciation expense under the lease

49 Foreign exchange risk refers to the risk created by _____________
A) the potential seizure of an MNC's operations in a host country.
B) the varying exchange rate between two currencies
C) the fixed exchange rate between two currencies
D) the potential nationalization of the MNC's operations by a host government.

50 A a foreign exchange hedging tool, options have all of the following characteristics EXCEPT
A) the right to buy or sell an amount of foreign curreny.
B) specifies price
C) specifies time period
D) represents an obligation to buy or sell.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Linda_us replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for requesting me. I am working your other solution. Once I am done with that I will start working on this.


Expert:  Linda_us replied 7 years ago.

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