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college english 2

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1.Passive voice sentences produce _______ research writing


2. How many errors are can you identify when you proofread the excerpt below?

In selecting a school to attend for oneself or one's child, there are many variables to consiver. Though the importance of each factor may vary. Depending on individual situation, in general each of this factors deserves consideration: reputation cost, location, and accreditation. Some of these arears are easier to discover information on than others.


3. When wrestling with a draft, asking a friend to read your paper can best help you _______.

A.recognize spelling and mechanical ERRORS
B. produce a biased analysis
C.make new friends
D.determine if the purpose of the paper is clear

4. Sentence length should _______.

A.not exceed 10-12 words
B.vary throughout the paper
C.depend upon the subject
D.always be in the range of 15 words +/- 2.

5.Revising helps writers _______. grammatical errors
B.reveal punctuation problems
C.stay true to their purpose
D.verify research sources

6. After reading your draft, you discover much material that fails to support the thesis statement. In order to salvage this research, you should _______ during revision.

A.expand your thesis
B.add more personal content
C.rewrite most of the paper
D.add more charts and tables

7. A chatty, informal tone _______.

A.comforts and calms your reader
B.warms up a confusing, difficult research topic
C. works best in notes to a dear friend
D. makes the paper seem significant

8. Writers can misjudge the tone of a sentence unless they _______.

A.have a friend read it. it several times
C.write it several times it aloud
    9. When engaged in revising, what elements of writing do you look at, and why? Discuss three (3) to five (5) specific writing elements you should examine during revision, discussing how and why.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.This question is College English I accidentally put business commnication
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.
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Relist: No answer yet.

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