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The encouragement of alcoholics to assume a passive stance

Resolved Question:

The encouragement of alcoholics to assume a passive stance in an objection raised by those who:

advocate Alcoholics Anonymous as a treatment program.

support to non-disease conception of alcoholism

promote biologically-based treatments for alcoholism

are often alcoholics themselves

Sir Walter Raleigh advanced the idea of tobacco smoking upon his return from:

voyage around th world


Plymouth colony


Hypoxia is the result of:


too little oxygen

freezing of the throat and larynx

cardian arrhythemia


can be helpful in treatment and rehabilitation

make it possible for alcoholics to get help

are typically not members of the family

inadvertently delay the onset of treatment

The first European to encounter to tobacco plants was:

Sir Walter Rakeugh

Sir Francis Drake

King Phillip II of Spain

Chistopher Columbus

Alateen is known as:

a flavored drinking containing disulfiram

a teenage alcoholic

an organization for teenage alcholics

a halfway house for abused teenager

The Acronym, COA, refers to:

molecules of coenzyme A

repeated applications of coefficient alpha

children organized in Al-anon

children of alcoholics

Disulfiram (Antabuse) is:

designed to replace alcohol as a euphoriant

a biologically based treatment for alcoholism

a drug that counteracts the effects of alcohol

a drug that blocks the development of acetic acid

Hallucinogenic effects of glue, solvents or aerosol inhalation:

have never been reported

are generally harmless in nature

produce epileptic seizures that can be fatal

introudce significant behavioral risks

Paradoxically, many antihistamines produce _______ in young people.



an increase in cold symptoms

clogged sinuses

An early monarch who denounced the practice of tobacco smoking was:

Queen Isabella of Spain

King Phillip of II of Spain

King James I of England

King Ferdinand of Spain

About ______ of U.S. adults are alcohol depedent:





"Huffing" is a term often used to describe:

inhaling the solvent from a handkerchief

breathing in a from a plastic bag

increased breaths taken after ingesting the solvent

feeling breathless after the intoxication is worn off.

Looking at how families of alcoholics interact is often referred to as:

a systems approach

the family-medication approach

the Famillies R Us approach

group therapy

Inhalant abuse is characterized by:

physical and psychological dependence

neither physical nor psychological dependence

physical dependence but little or no psychological dependence

psychological dependence but little or no physical depenence

A need to seek external sources of self-worth is one of the characteristics of:




successful psychotherapy

According to the DSM-IV criteria:

alchohol abuse is more severe than alcholism

alcohol dependence is more severe than alcohol abuse

alcoholism is carefully defined

alcohol dependence is severe than alcoholism

In general, Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome is _______ alcholic dementia.

a less severe than

more severe than

a more general catagory that includes

unrelated to alcoholsim, unlike

Codependency refers to certain behaviors:

such as denial on the part of the alcoholic

that coincides with loss of brain mass

which can lead to domestic violence

on the part of family members of an alcoholic

Question 20

Kaposi's Sarcoma is:

a rare form of cancer

frequently observed in AIDS patients

linked to nitrite abuse

all of the above

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