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13.K Corp has an old plant that is currently exceeding the

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13.K Corp has an old plant that is currently exceeding the sulfur dioxide emissions level set by the Clean Air Act. K cannot afford to reduce production enough to come into compliance. What alternatives does K have?A)K can buy pollution credits from either another company or the U.S. govB)K has no alternative but to reduce emissions.
C)K can buy pollution credits from the U.S. govD)K can buy pollution credits from another company that has such credits22.State environmental statutes are valid:
A)in no circumstancesB)in all circumstancesC)if they were passed prior to any conflicting federal statutesD)if they do not conflict with a federal law or unduly burden interstate commerceE)if they have a similar purpose as a federal environmental law25.
An agency can:(More than one answer may be correct.)A)prosecute a violation of a rule
B)adopt a new ruleC)adjudicate a dispute over the violation of a ruleD)Only adopt a new rule or adjudicate a dispute over the violation of a rule

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