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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY To design a Church that fosters, and caters

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To design a Church that fosters, and caters to educational, rehabilitative, parenting, and the social impact of the surrounding communities and neighborhoods. The primary objective is to have 100 members within the first year. There are not one but several goals-to build a 1000 seat sanctuary, to build an educational complex K-12, to provide alcohol and drug free rehab services, to build a senior citizen housing complex, and also a blessed center for the less fortunate.

This is what's required:

Week Two
Title and Subject
Your name
Course number
Name of your new business, current small business, civic organization, or church project
Brief description.
Submittal date

Week Three
Section 1: Current Marketing Situation Situational Analysis including Threats and Opportunities Analysis and Objectives and Issues
This section describes the situation surrounding your business or organization, including details of your business or organization, the general market place in which you are competing, your competition, and any other aspects that are relevant to the situation and surrounding environment. The best format for this is SWOT.

Week Three
Section 2: Target Marketing and Marketing Mix
This section describes the need you are trying to meet with your product or service, the demand for your product, your target market and why you chose this specific target market. Be sure to read the guidelines and address the points raised on page This section describes the mix that will make you successful, including the details of your product or service, pricing, how you will advertise and attract customers. Creativity and thinking outside the box is what may mean the difference between success and failure. You should search the Internet for similar product or services to get new ideas from your competition.

Week Five
Section 3: Marketing Strategy
Implementation and Control
Up to this point you have described your business or organization, your market place, your competition, your product or service, your target market, pricing, and how you will advertise and attract customers. Now, you need to provide a detailed timeline of tasks that must be done to get everything ready, get the right staff in place, and attract and serve your first customers. You should also provide a description and examples of projected radio, TV, and print ads.

Week Five
Section 4: Financial analysis -Action Programs and Budgets
This section describes your projected sales, expenses, and profits. Be thorough and specific. It is important to determine how many sales you will need to make to realize a profit, after paying all salaries and expenses.

Week Seven
Appendix: References
You must list all the references you used to determine demographics of your marketing area, competition, financial analysis, and all other details used in your marketing plan. If you referenced a book, a Web site, an article, a person, or received information from any other source, you should list them in your reference section. Other than your marketing ideas, you cannot simply make things up. Everything in a marketing plan must have a reputable source.

Week Eight
Section 5: Executive Summary
This is the last section you create) as part of the final plan. It is a 2-3 paragraph summary page that an executive might read to get the full story of your marketing plan. It is important to cover all aspects of your plan but only state the key facts. Then, if interested, the executive can find more details within your plan.

Week Nine
Complete Plan Due - Final plan revised according to instructor feedback
Submit revised sections, plus Table of Contents and References, plus all other items listed above.

In addition to the above sections, the marketing plan will also be graded for length and appearance.

Plan must be no more than 15 printed, double-spaced pages, plus appendices and/or attachments (if any). Brevity is highly encouraged. This marketing plan must appear as a serious marketing proposal suitable for presentation and evaluation by potential investors, Chief Executive Officer, and/or Board of Directors.

The marketing plan will be typewritten in 12-point font and double-spaced. Charts, graphs, photographs, drawings, and spreadsheets-accompanied by appropriate explanatory descriptions-are an efficient, recommended means to ensure plan brevity.

Students will work on this plan throughout the quarter, using the terms, concepts, and knowledge gained from the course material. Draft versions of the plan, containing more and more sections of the plan, will be periodically submitted per the course outline.

The final Marketing Plan must be received by the instructor on or before Week #9.

Hello, Teddy,

Thanks for the post.

I will have a draft weds pm.

Have a wonderful day.



Looking forward to working with you, have a pleasant day o/

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Tonee u r truly a blessing to know. I really do thank u with all my heart. I hope that u will have a great day, because u deserve it and u r special..



Hi Teddy. Starting on this today.


Is there a case to go with this project?

The project asks for a swot analysis and a current situation analysis.
This gives me the thought that there must be a case history to work from?


Edited by Toneemarie on 5/20/2010 at 3:52 AM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Tonee

To be honest I'm not sure...
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.

Hi Teddy, If there is no case, I will have to come up with something...

I will post what I have so far...


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
There's no case; this is just your vision and plan on making this happen. In other words she gave an idea of creating and building a church. What is your plan?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.



I know that I made this difficult and all; but this is all that I can find other than what I posted.


Each student will prepare a marketing plan, based on a new project, a current small business, civic organization, or church project, of your choosing (with instructor approval). You may be creative in selecting a product. This marketing plan is only as good as the information it contains and the effort, creativity, and thought that went into its creation. Competitive intelligence is critical to a thorough and accurate situational analysis. Managerial intuition is important in that creation and selection of marketing strategies. The goal is to generate a list of information that possesses attributes that place this information in your target analysis.


Here is a first draft... again launch plan.doc


What type of charts are they looking for?
What city, state?

Any direction would be appreciated?

thank you,


Customer: replied 7 years ago.



I am so sorry but I don't understand this teacher nor the requirement. So whatever you think is right I will accept. I think the charts are just to reinforce your plan. I don't see any specific description other than that one sentence. I read the actual book, and the book doesn't describe or explain anything about charts.



here's the city& state : Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Customer: replied 7 years ago.




I am sorry but I can't open the link. Its not blue....

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I feel like a jerk; I asked you to do me a favor and I cant explain this crapppppp. I am so sorry!

Hi you can copy paste it in the browser...

JA isnt updating it for some reason right now.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.




This is EXCELLENT. I had no clue about this plan and what to do, but again you performed like the TRUE champion that you are. I LOVE IT!



Please forgive me again for not being able to properly explain what was needed.







Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Do I need to have this reopen?

Hi Teddy. No still here. Trying to finish this up today.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Tonee,



No rush, I just seen that it said closed and I wanted to make sure that you would able to contact me. Today is Sunday and this means that you can no-longer be mad at me over this paper. SMILE....LOL

Hello Teddy, Hope your day was pleasant.

Had a rough day...

Here is the latest updates. Should wrap up this week. again launch plan2.doc


tm o/

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Good morning Tonee,




I hope that this paper isn't stressing you, and I hope that you are having a better day!






Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I am still here Tonee!

hello teddy should finish tonight. nope it wasnt this paper. all is well.

How r u?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Tonee,


I am fine and thanks for asking! I hope that you are feeling much better today. Thank you for keeping me posted.







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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Tonee, Tonee, Tonee,



Everything looks great, and even if it didn't I would have no room to complain! You are a doll and simply remarkable. Thank you so much and I truly, truly appreciate this!







Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Ohhhhhhhh Tonee,


Do you know anything about stocks and bonds? Another expert (Tan) has been promising to do for the past 2 months and she said that I would have it back by the 30th of May and I don't yet. It was due last not officially at midnight. I have no clue about stocks and bonds; I just wanted to see if you could gather enough information and make this happen. I hate to bother you, because I know you have other obligations, but like a good neighbor you've always been there for me, please know that I have no where else to turn. If you are too busy or you don't understand well that's fine; you will always be my #1.




PURPOSE:To open the world of two important concepts in personal finance to you and to give you some practical experience in budgeting and investing. A budget will be completed and the student will invest in two stocks, one bond, and one mutual fund for potential gain and added personal financial security.

SCENARIO:Congratulations! Your good ol' Uncle Zack has given you $10,000 from an inheritance. However, Uncle Zack requires track you monthly expenditures,create a budget and invest this money for your future.

You are to invest the $10,000 as follows: $3,000 in two common stocks for a total investment of $6,000. Invest $1,000 in one corporate bond. Invest the remaining $3,000 in one mutual fund. The two stocks and one bond investments are to be selected from a major stock exchange. The remaining $3,000 is to be invested into one mutual fund. You may go just over or under the amount of money required by Uncle Zack to even out your number of shares if you desired. THIS TRACKING MUST BEGIN DURING THE THRID WEEK AND CONCLUDE ON THE EIGHTH WEEK GIVING YOU SIX SETS OF NUMBERS.

Your $10,000 investment will be divided as follows:
$3,000 in one corporate stock
$3,000 in a second corporate stock
$1,000 in one corporate bond
$3,000 in one mutual fund
$10,000 Total Investment

BEGIN: First, track all your expenses. Keep receipts for all purchases. This can be important for most in the business world. Some expenses can be tax deductible therefore it is important to familiarize yourself with this activity. By the third week of the quarter you will purchase the two stocks, one bond and one mutual fund. For the stocks, the purchase price per stock will be the price listed in the column designated "open" price. For the Bond, the purchase price per bond will be the last price listed. For bonds the spot price will be listed as follows; ex 102.34. You must move the decimal point once to the right for the correct price; ex 102.34 = $1023.40. For the Mutual Fund, the purchase price per share will be the price listed in the column designated "NAV."


You must research one (1) available resource (magazine, newspaper articles, television show etc.), to learn about the companies in which you invested for your stocks, mutual fund and bond. You are to summarize this information and any other related information in your reports one page summary.

GRAPHS: It is suggested to wait until the six-week stocks, bond and mutual fund monitoring period has concluded on the eighth week, before you graph each stock and mutual fund result. NO GRAPH IS DUE FOR THE BOND. Then you will be able to better determine the limits you will need to chart on your graphs. If is utilized for tracking purposes the data may be downloaded to an excel spreadsheet and a graph can be automatically created. I highly suggest using this feature on


The Weekly Dow Jones Industrial Averages may be found in the Wall Street Journal or's finance section. Once again and graph can also be fabricated from I suggest using's finance section to obtain a description of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

The final project grade will be evaluated based on the submission of completed pages of information. This will include in depth research of your stocks, bond and mutual fund, completed graphs, and the completed purchase/sale page and personal evaluation narrative of the project.


HELPFUL WEBSITES AND RESEARCH GUIDES - under the section research guides has a section created for Personal Finance 200 - under the finance section stocks, bonds, and mutual funds can be found and tracked - Mutual Funds are listed under this site - Helpful financial calculators and good information for picking stocks. Good site for locating bonds - Great site for researching company information
Wall Street Journal - The text of the Wall Street Journal can be accessed though the library web site

Many of the above sites can be accessed though the library web site under research guides and the Personal Finance data base. Ask the librarian if you need assistance.

Hi Theo, how are you?


No not readily familiar with this subject. It would take some time to come up to speed...


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No Tonee its okay, Diana Tan was supposed to have this done by now and it was due on the 1st and it was worth 30% towards my final grade! I will not ask you to jump through hoops on such short notice. Thanks Tonee as usual.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hello Tonee,


I know that you have some knowledge of marketing; could you please take a look at the question that I posted and see if you could answer it. If you can't it's no biggie! I hope that you are doing well and in good spirits.







Hi Teddy. Sorry, schedule is full at this time...


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thats okay, thanks sunshine!

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