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When a company is setting up its accounting information system,

Customer Question

When a company is setting up its accounting information system, it is important for management to select 1.A standard set of computer control mechanisms2.Only those controls which appear to serve its needs3.Controls whose benefits exceed their costs4.b and c only The principal function of an accounting system's computerized controls is1.Detecting computer frauds2.Encouraging programmer honesty3.none of the above4.Preventing computer frauds Which of the following is not a feedback mechanism for observation controls for data collection?1.Turnaround documents2.Dual observation3.Confirmation slips4.Direct, 2-way communication devices Tape and disk output controls are primarily concerned with1.Building control totals2.The storage space problem3.The encoding process4.Validating checksums Principal output controls include all but one of the following1.Sequence tests of check stubs2.Character control totals3.Strict regulation of preprinted forms4.all of the above
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Homework